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In this article you’ll discover:

  • The Best 10 Dating Sites and Apps In The Netherlands
  • How to save money with Dutch Dating Sites
  • How To Meet Dutch Women
  • How To Meet Dutch Men
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Popular Dating In The Netherlands
  • Expat and Foreigner Dating Guide For The Netherlands
  • Dating Tips For Women
  • Dating Tips For Men
  • Sex Dating Guide In The Netherlands
  • How To Use The Internet Safely & Anonymously
  • Netherlands Dating Facebook Group

and so much more!

Top 5 Dating Sites and Dating Apps in Netherlands / Europe 2023

Most popular for serious relationships

(#1) Lexa Dating
lexa dating site netherlands

Lexa is the #1 Dating site in the Netherlands for general dating, from young to senior, from gay to plus size.
They also organise local meet ups!
Lexa FREE Trial ➡️


Best For Erotic Dating

(#2) NovaMora Dating (Erotic Dating)
novamora erotic dating netherlands is the most popular Dutch dating site for singles and couples who are looking for an erotic and exciting date.It’s very easy to register for free and a profile photo is not necessary if you wish to stay anonymous.
NovaMora FREE Trial ➡️

The Best Quality People/ Highly Educated

(#3) Elite Dating (Highly Educated Dating)
elite dating
When you’re looking for high quality, like minded and intelligent people with a Bachelor’s, Masters or University degree, this dating service is for you.
EliteDating FREE Trial ➡️


Best  For Gay Dating

(#4) GayParship (Homosexual Dating)
gayparship dating

This is the best dating site if you’re homosexual.
GayParship FREE Trial ➡️

Best For Plus Size Dating

(#4) MaatjeMeerMatch (Plus Size Dating)

Lots of men and women love it if you’re overweight. No fat shaming here.
If you are having trouble getting matches on the regular dating sites, this is the site for you.
MaatjeMeerMatch FREE Trial ➡️

Best For Divorced / Single Parents Dating


(#5) NextLove (Divorced & Single Parents)
nextlove single parents dating
If you are a single parent, this site by Lexa (good quality) is especially geared towards you.
NextLove FREE Trial ➡️



8 Best Dating Sites In Netherlands

How To Make New Friends in The Netherlands


Are you looking for a new relationship in The Netherlands?

Or perhaps you just want to make new friends in your area?

The Netherlands is a small and beautiful country in Western Europe, and offers many possibilities for meeting new people, and perhaps find your new partner there!

As you may know, Dutch people are very well educated, and most speak English to a decent standard, because the Dutch are being taught English at a young age.

Therefore, it’s easy to connect with people from the Netherlands.

The Best Places To Meet Singles In The Netherlands

If you live in The Netherlands, the best places to meet new friends are:


  • Join a Free Netherlands Dating Facebook Group
  • Join city or town dating facebook group
  • Local bars, cafes and restaurants in The Netherlands
  • Local MeetUp Groups in The Netherlands
  • Sports or Fitness Clubs in The Netherlands
  • Training and lessons, such as Yoga, Salsa, Pool
  • Swimming pools
  • Ask the local VVV or Gemeentehuis (City Hall) in The Netherlands
  • Join Lexa Dating, and attend a local meetup event in The Netherlands


The Easiest Way For Meeting New People In The Netherlands

The easiest way is using online dating sites and dating apps.

From the comfort of your own home, you can scroll through profiles in your area.

Even if you don’t live in The Netherlands, this is a great way to meet Dutch people.

You can register at multiple dating sites or dating apps, set the filter to your area or province.

Below we will list many types of dating websites and apps that are commonly used in The Netherlands.

New: Breeze Dating App – The Next Tinder!

breeze dating app

There’s a new dating app concept launched in The Netherlands, called

This dating app is a breath of fresh air in the Dutch Dating scene, or just use it to meet new friends!


No more endless swiping and messaging

If there is a match, you both agree to a real life date and set the date right away.

This “date” can be simply going for a drink at a bar or a walk, it doesn’t have to be formal at all. You can meet new friends too.

You don’t even need to select the venue, because the app will choose a suitable venue for you both, with a drink on the house.

Available in English

The app is available in Dutch and English, so perfect for expats, foreigners and Dutch people alike.

Try Breeze now!

What Are The Best Dating Sites and Dating Apps in The Netherlands?

Dating apps

First of all, ask yourself what kind of partner you are looking for.

Are you looking just to meet new people, make new friends, or are you looking for a hookup, a serious relationship or some casual dating?

There’s a suitable website or app for every taste.

What follows below is a breakdown of all the most popular dating sites and dating apps used in The Netherlands.

Click on the corresponding link to sign up for free and try the dating site or dating app for yourself.

Many of the Dutch dating sites and dutch dating apps listed here have a free trial, so you can explore the site and send some messages.

TIP: How to save money with Dutch Dating Sites

Register for more than one dating site. Be sure to see what the dating site has to offer and browse the profiles.

But… be patient… and the sites will notice you haven’t registered for a paid subscription yet. (usually within a couple of days to a couple of weeks).

You will receive upgrade offers with a good discount automatically!

Parship for example, offers, 40 to 60% discount for upgrading after a while.

So, take advantage of this useful tip, it can save you a lot of money.

Heterosexual (straight dating) and general online dating The Netherlands

Are you a straight person looking for love?

If you’re looking for the most popular, the largest and most general dating sites and dating apps suitable for all ages, which are also safe to use, then these are recommended:

Most of these dating sites include a dating app.


Dating older men or women (Senior dating or 50+ Dating) In The Netherlands


Are you over 50 but open to a new relationship?

If you are over 50 and you prefer to meet people in your own age range, then these dating sites and dating apps are particularly suited for you:

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating In The Netherlands

Are you looking for some extra cash as a Sugar Baby, or you’re a wealthy and busy man looking for an uncomplicated relationship?

If you’re a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy, and you would like to meet up with like minded people, then these sites are recommended:

Gay / Lesbian Dating In The Netherlands

Are you looking for relationships with people from the same sex?

If you’re a homosexual, and you wish to meet with people from the same sex for a possible relationship, flirt or casual dating, these dating sites and dating apps are suitable for you:


Plus Size Dating in The Netherlands

Are you overweight and it’s hard to find a partner?

You’re not the most slender person or outright overweight. That’s no issue! There’s lots of men and women who love a partner with just a little more to love.


Casual Dating In The Netherlands

Better Buy: iQiyi vs. Match Group

Are you looking for a casual relationship?

You are not looking for anything serious, just friends with benefits, a one night stand? Then these sites are best for you:


Hookup Dating In The Netherlands


You want to know how to get laid in The Netherlands?

If you’re just looking to hookup, a one night stand or looking for a sex date, these are the sex dating sites and sex dating apps suitable for that purpose.


Swinger Dating in The Netherlands

Are you in a good relationship, but you’re ready to experiment?

You’re a couple and you like to spice up your lovelife, then these swinger sites are perfect to try new things:

Affair & Extra-Marital Dating in The Netherlands

Webcam Girl CU2

Is your marriage or relationship boring, dull or about to end?

We all know it shouldn’t happen. We all know it’s not “ethical”. Unfortunately it’s in our nature to cheat.

We are not here to judge you.

Fact is that there are websites catering for affair and extra-marital dating, and these are very popular!

Even if you are single you can use these sites, as married or otherwise engaged people are looking for something on the side with no strings attached.

These sites are best suited for affair & extra-marital dating:

Single Parent Dating in The Netherlands

Are you a single mother or single father and ready for a new relationship?

If you have been (recently) divorced, or a single parent otherwise and you’re looking for some companionship, these single parent dating sites in The Netherlands are the most popular.


Christian Dating in The Netherlands

If your faith is very important to you, and you’re looking for like minded, God fearing people, then this specialty site is suited for you

How to maximise your chances of success in dating

The following tips are for you to give you the best chance to success in your dating experience and waste the least amount of time

  • Register yourself with at least 2 general dating sites, for example Lexa and Parship
  • Register yourself with at least 1 niche dating site, for example single parent dating
  • Take recent pictures of yourself. Don’t use photoshop.
  • Be active at the platform for regular matches and don’t give up
  • Use the dating guides below for some great tricks, tips and guides!

How To Meet Women and Girls In The Netherlands

What are Dutch Women like?

The character and mentality of Dutch women and girls is that they are very self aware and independent. 

They have a no-nonsense mentality and are well educated. Use one of the dating sites mentioned in this guide to meet the most beautiful Dutch women and girls.

How To Get a Dutch Girlfriend In The Netherlands

The best way is to act “normal”. Don’t put up shirtless photos, or photos with fish or a motorbike or car. Just take good photos, take care of yourself, and be honest in your profile.

In short, if you want a Dutch girlfriend, don’t try to woo her with bullshit. Just be yourself and the right woman will appreciate you. Don’t send any dick pics though! Be a gentleman.

How To Meet Men and Boys In The Netherlands

What are Dutch men and boys like?

The character and mentality of Dutch men and boys is that they are self assured, have good jobs or side hustles and love a girl who is straight to the point.

No drama queen or playing hard to get, because Dutch men will get bored very quickly of you.

How to Get a Dutch Boyfriend In The Netherlands

Just register at one of the dating sites and dating apps mentioned in this article and you’re good to go.

How and Where To Meet Older Women In The Netherlands

Dutch older women are wise, independent and have a lot of life experience.

The best way to meet senior women from The Netherlands, is to register at several of the over 50 / senior dating sites mentioned in this article, for example 50PlusMatch.

How and Where To Meet Older Men In The Netherlands

Older men from The Netherlands are well-established, the kids are usually grown up, they have a good job and more free time. 50 is the new 40.

You can meet senior Dutch guys at the senior dating sites in this article, one example would be OurTime.

Speed Dating In The Netherlands

Many of the larger cities in The Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag organise speed dating events. You can search for speed dating in google, but the larger dating sites such as Lexa also organise meetups.

Expat and Foreigner Dating Guide For The Netherlands

Are you an expat or foreigner, and you are looking for new friends or perhaps a relationship with a Dutch man or woman?

The best way to go about meeting new people from your area is using an online dating site. However, most Dutch dating sites are in the Dutch language, even though most people from The Netherlands speak English to a certain level.

For example: Lexa.

Lexa is a dating site that also organises local meetups for its members.

Unfortunately, the site (like many other Dutch dating sites) is in the Dutch language only.

However, there is a way around this!

Read this Lexa Dating Site Review English for a comprehensive guide how to use / translate the Lexa Dating Site, or any other Dutch dating site into English or your preferred language!

Dating Wealthy & Rich People In The Netherlands

Want to find rich and wealthy people, for example millionaires looking for a relationship?

The Netherlands is a very well developed country with many rich and wealthy people. We even host several billionaires.  But these people are looking for love just like you!

Some are just looking for an uncomplicated relationship with no strings attached, such as in a Sugar Daddy to Sugar Baby relationship.

The following sites are perfectly suited for finding rich people in The Netherlands:

Dating Tips For Men in The Netherlands

No luck with matches? Can’t get any dates? Don’t know how to approach or message women?

If you need some help with online dating, the following programs may be just what you need!

Tinder Guide For Men

Swipe Seduction- Ultimate Men’s Tinder Guide

Swipe Seduction covers everything you need to know about dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. 

From setting up a killer profile that gets 9x more matches, the best photos to use for Tinder, to what to say to spike attraction and keep the conversations going, to how to effortlessly set up the date.

Check out Swipe Seduction Here >

Texting Guide For Men

Text That Girl

text that girl

Text That Girl is everything you could possibly want to know about Texting.

From how to get her number, to sending the first text, to overcoming shit tests, to building attraction, to what to do if she stops responding, to setting dates and even getting sexy pictures.

It has tons of bonus video breakdowns of actual text interactions as well.

Check Out Text That Girl Here >

Online Dating Guide For Men

Window Shopping for Women

Window Shopping for Women covers everything you need to know to dominate online dating.  From using sites like, Plenty of Fish, etc to even using social media sites like Facebook. 

It has a bunch of bonuses including actual girls breaking down conversations explaining why they decided to meet up using this system. 

Check Out Window Shopping For Women Here >

More Dating Guides For Men To Try

The Obsession Method
Learn a “secret language” that makes any woman feel an uncontrollable obsession for you.

The Scrambler System
How to Turn a Girl Into Your Girlfriend With One Simple Move.

Friends With Benefits Method

How to turn a hot girl into your casual FWB buddy

Online Dating Tips For Women in The Netherlands

If you’re struggling to get the right matches with men to your taste, then these guides will definitely help you.

How To Attract Men The Right Way

Are you frustrated with not being able to find a quality man who can commit to you?

You get help with questions such as these:

  • How to get a guy to like you?
  • How to attract men?
  • Why do men ghost you?
  • Why do men pull away?
  • How to make a man fall in love with you?

The Devotion System – Make Men Obsess Over You

the devotion system

Watch the video below for more information.

Watch The Video Here >

Texting Guide For Women: How To Text Men?

text chemistry method

If you’re having trouble how to send messages to men on dating apps like Tinder or on dating sites, then this guide will be helpful for you:

Text Chemistry Method

  • How to text a man?
  • What to text to a man?
  • Should I text him first?
  • Texts to make him think about you
  • How to know if a guy likes you through texts?

Watch the video below for more information.

Watch the video here >

More Dating Guides For Women To Try

The Feminine Enchantment System
The Deadly Mistake Women Make That Will Drive Your Man Away From You

The Infatuation Script Method

Learn Why Men Push Away Their ‘Perfect Girl’.

The Cupid Effect
How to stop his lies and get him to adore you.

Sex Dating In The Netherlands

Are you looking for a plain Sex Date?

There’s no denying it: The Dutch culture is a lot more open to sex talk, sex dating, hookups and casual dating.

In other words, if you’re looking any kind of sexual connection, whether it is short term or long term, in The Netherlands you are at the right place!

Here’s a list of dating websites for one purpose only: erotic and sexual dates.

Porn, Pornstars & Sex Videos in The Netherlands

Brazzers Adult Network

There’s lots of choice if porn and hardcore is your thing. Sex Videos, Porn Videos, Live streams in many genres, it’s all there with no restrictions or blurring. The sites below are very popular, safe to use, discreet and come with full 2 day pass trials for just $1.

Gay Men Porn in The Netherlands

If you’re a gay man and into hardcore gay porn, this website is for you!

Live Sex Cams in The Netherlands

With a sex cam, or adult web cam, you participate in a live stream, where a model of your choice, (it can be a man or woman) will perform erotic requests for you.

Popular and trusted webcam sex sites are:

Amateur Sex & Porn in The Netherlands

The amateur sex scene in The Netherlands is very popular and outspoken. No prohibitions, almost anything goes. Real people with real sex. Amateur sex videos with home made porn is trending. Of course you can also upload your own videos. This is the best and safest website if you’re looking for amateur adult entertainment:


Fetish, Fantasy and Kinky Sex In The Netherlands

Special types of kinky sex and fantasies are catered for here. Be a baby, a unicorn, trampling, foot fetish, cuckolding, gagging, spanking, nylons, role play and many others. Meet a like-minded partner at the following websites:

Adult Games & Sex Games in The Netherlands

Adult Games are very new but becoming very popular! Why not have fun with an XXX rated online game. Try it!

Gay Men Sex Dating In The Netherlands

If you’re a homosexual man, and you’re looking to cruise or to hookup for the night, these websites are specialised in finding the right man for you!

Transsexual and Transgender Dating in The Netherlands

Are you a transgender or transsexual looking for love?

The Netherlands is very liberal in the sex department. Transsexuality and transgenders are accepted here, and there are special websites dedicated to like-minded people:

MILF Dating in The Netherlands

Are you into Mothers I Like To Fuck?

Yes, there are lots of single mothers who are still looking hot and looking for love, usually with money to spend.

If this is your thing, then these sites are for you:

SM and BDSM Dating in The Netherlands

Remember 50 Shades of Grey?

Okay, so you like it kinky. A little pain and suffering for pleasure, sado-masochism and bondage are no strangers to you. They excite you. You love to be dominated or to be a slave.

These SM dating websites are perfect for your needs, because all the members are also BD SM Lovers:

Safe Browsing With VPN (Virtual Private Network) In The Netherlands

Why should you use a VPN to browse dating sites and dating apps?

If you want to be discreet about your use of the internet, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.

The main advantages of using a VPN service are:

Anonymous browsing, location independent browsing and accessing services that are otherwise not available in your country (for example if you are in China).

100% anonymous use of the internet with a VPN

The other advantage of using a VPN is that you’re untraceable, as you can pretend that you’re browsing from another location with a temporary IP address that can’t be traced back to you.

For safer use of dating and erotic sites I can really recommend using a VPN service in The Netherlands.

The Best VPN Services


These are recommended VPN services

Click on the banner or any of the links for more information.

Video: 8 Best Dating Sites & Apps In The Netherlands

Watch the video for a quick guide on the best dating sites in The Netherlands.

Watch The Video >

Netherlands Dating Facebook Group

Why not join the free Netherlands Dating Facebook group?

Join Here >

The latest updates – new dating sites, apps and news about dating in The Netherlands

Visit our website to stay updated!


The Netherlands is a very open and tolerant place for people looking for love, a partner, a relationship or any kind of connection you wish.

Now go take action and meet some people. Good Luck!