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I’ve gotten more than a few questions from men about the best way to do better on Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps. From, what’s the best way to make my profile stand out? A, how do I get a woman to go from chatting on the app to meeting and hooking up?

Now it turns out that I met my wife BEFORE the big explosion of dating apps, so I never felt very comfortable answering these questions; i’d be talking off my ass trying to give advice is something i personally haven’t mastered…

But I’ve done some research over the past few weeks, and what I found was pretty amazing, and it’s backed by real numbers, statistics, and scientific validity:

Here’s the harsh truth: Hardly anyone gets hooked on Tinder, Bumble, etc., and the few who do are just really good-looking people.


But it makes sense because when you only have time to give a hand, you’re not exactly ready to show your charm, your wit, your deep personality, your compassion and emotional availability, your maturity, your presence. , your mastery of social interactions, your authenticity, the style and animal grace with which you do everything…

What’s more, something very close to 100% of women using dating apps have said they NEVER INTENDED to meet anyone.

They started (as you did) with a simple curiosity to see what it was, who was out there, what was going on… and then stuck with it just because it’s fun to look at and swipe. The vast majority of women out there use Tinder more like Tetris than match.com.

In fact, in one study, average-looking men swiped more than 800 times per meeting. And that number doesn’t include the wasted hours of profile tweaks, texting, and hoping…

But there is a simple tactic that is impressive in its simplicity, and you can easily meet 2, 3 or even a dozen women in one night!

It works like this:

You delete Tinder from your phone and go out into the real world and meet people.

Now there are some HUGE downsides to using this strategy.

First, it takes a lot of energy and motivation to get your ass off the couch. Second, it involves putting yourself in some awkward positions, you can possibly feel uncomfortable… and you can avoid it so easily to hang around, swipe a little, update your profile, check facebook, watch some viral videos and then get off to porn. Ahhh! The easy life!

But if you want to meet a bunch of REAL women, women who are very attracted and still have a chance with them because they can’t just “swipe left” and you’re gone…women who have a chance to notice this emotion maturity, that genius, that animal grace…

And if you want to have real sex with real women, and real relationships with the ones you really like… and maybe even meet a woman who is so fun to be with that you stay with her…

Well, the BEST way to do it is the way we did it in 2010…

On leaving

And I recognize that in many ways it has become more difficult than it was back then because women are very defensive and very guarded these days.

But it’s also a real opportunity for men who are doing something DIFFERENT from what all the pickup artists have been teaching men for 15 years (acting without impressions, leaning in, alpha body language, negs, kino climbing, female opinions, plowing, pushing). -shoot, etc.)

These old tactics don’t work well anymore, and have unleashed a giant backlash of angry women who assume that every guy who approaches them is probably going to be a jerk trying to “play” or “cheat” on them. sex

This is bananas because women LOVE sex…and many men who use PUA tricks are actually good guys…but no one wants to feel “cheated” on ANYTHING.

The “fake news” frenzy about sexuality, attraction, relationship, courtship, and the “cold approach” thing makes meeting women seem incredibly complicated.

Is not.

It’s easy, it’s natural, and it’s a lot of fun.

Oh, and it’s by FAR the best way to meet lots of women, have lots of sexual adventures, and ultimately find an amazing woman you’re excited to share your life with.

I’m going to share a much better way to meet women that will handle everything from “approach anxiety” to “fear of being put down” to the most important part: how to get a woman to feel strong sexual attraction for YOU (and not just give you a fake phone number or blow you off).

Here’s how to pay the registration fee to join this training:

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I LOVE this group and look forward to growing it.

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