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Many people confuse being single with being alone.

But that’s simply not true… In fact, there are a growing number of people who are intentionally choosing to stay single.

Whether it’s because they enjoy their freedom, or because they want to prioritize their own personal development, they choose a life that contradicts what society says is the “right” way to live.

So let’s take a dive into the personality traits of people who stay single and like it… you might be surprised how the “other side” lives!

1) They value freedom

This might be a fact, but someone who stays single and likes it usually prioritizes freedom over Self!

Now, that doesn’t mean being in a relationship is like being in prison, but we can’t deny that there are some obligations and responsibilities to fulfill.

However, when you’re single, you don’t need to check in with anyone. You can literally pack your bags and get on a flight or change careers without it affecting anyone else!

That’s why people who value freedom tend to stay single and love every minute of it!

2) They are self-sufficient

But to be so free, such people must also be self-sufficient.

The truth is that they trust their ability to take care of themselves. They can manage their finances, prioritize their health and well-being, and don’t need to rely on anyone else.

This trait could be what means they enjoy being single more: they don’t need another person to feel safe or secure.

And while many of us enjoy the company of a romantic partner, a self-sufficient single is quite happy alone or spending time with friends or family.

The point is that they like being able to take care of themselves and don’t see the need for a partner to fulfill that role!

3) They have an open mind

Another personality trait of those who stay single and like it is being open-minded.

They like to try new things and hear new ideas and opinions…and that might be why they embrace living the solo life so much!

They are not bogged down by ideas of “needing” a partner to feel whole in life. They achieve their fulfillment through diverse experiences and meeting a wide range of people.

But this is not all…

Someone who is extremely open-minded may find it difficult to be in a relationship, especially if they don’t know someone with the same mindset as them. It can make them feel restricted or bored.

So, rather than going the conventional route and finding a partner at any cost, they prefer to stay single and they like it!

4) They are happy

The truth is that in order to stay single and resist any temptation to get into a relationship, one has to be pretty satisfied with the life one has.

And this is something that comes up again and again in the traits of people who like to stay single: they don’t want anything more than what they already have!

They have designed their lifestyle to suit them so they don’t need anything else.

Sure, a partner can add value, but someone who likes being single finds value in other ways; through friendships, work, hobbies and passions.

5) They are independent

Now, this next shot might not be so surprising…

Being highly independent is another personality trait of those who stay single and like it, for these reasons:

It gives them a sense of freedom (as we discussed above, this is very important!) It means they don’t have to depend on anyone else (similar to being self-sufficient) They stay in control of their life They don’t. they need company to feel safe, secure or fulfilled

The bottom line is:

Independent people do not depend on others for validation. They don’t need other people to have a good time.

They like being single because it allows them to live their lives to the best of their ability, without having to have a partner in the mix!

6) They are strong willed

Those of us who actually enjoy being in relationships will know the pressure to be in them, even when you’re temporarily single…

Questions and comments come from all angles:

“You haven’t met anyone yet?”

“Oh, don’t worry, the right one is just around the corner!”

“I have a friend of a friend that you would love! Let me set something up.”

So, it goes without saying, to stay single and enjoy it, you have to have a lot of willpower!

People who he resists getting into a relationship they do it mainly because they want to be single, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have moments of doubt.

In the end, their fortitude will lead them back to the conclusion that while there are benefits to a relationship, they are happier living life on their own terms.

7) They are self-aware

Now, one thing we haven’t mentioned so far is the possibility that some people stay single and enjoy themselves simply because they function better alone.

You could say that these people have a lot of self-awareness.

They know their strengths and weaknesses, and may have identified that they don’t do particularly well in relationships.

And even if that’s not the case, it could be that their self-awareness has led them to the conclusion that they’d rather invest in their inner relationship than spend time on an outer relationship.

In a nutshell:

They choose to work on themselves and build a healthy, strong internal connection instead of spending that time and energy elsewhere (and let’s face it, relationships take a lot of work!).

8) They are adventurous

Now, another personality trait of those who stay single and like it is being adventurous.

Sure, you can be adventurous in a relationship, but there’s nothing like being a free-spirited lone wolf to expand your horizons and push your limits!

Not to mention, if someone is extremely adventurous at heart, the idea of ​​settling into a monogamous relationship can seem restrictive, even boring.

Finally, adventurous people are more likely to take risks.

And in today’s world where it’s more normal to be coupled up, being single indefinitely is definitely more of a risk than being in a relationship (although I’d wonder if the reality matches the perception!).

9) They are flexible

If you ever meet someone single and like them, you’ll notice that they tend to be pretty flexible people.

In addition to being calm, they are also happy go-with-the-flow kind of people that they don’t care to see where life takes them.

And it’s the same feeling that could make them enjoy the single life more; they are not actively looking for a partner or relationship to make them happy.

In fact, his flexibility means that being single probably works out well; they are free to get on a plane and go abroad whenever they feel like it, and free to change jobs or live without having to check if it works for their partner too!

10) They are non-conformists

The final trait of those who stay single and like it is non-conformity.

Let me explain:

The way society is set up, we are encouraged to join practically from a young age. Life is shaped around marriage and families. Finding “the one”. romance

Single people often face unwanted opinions or narrow views from family and friends who think they are doing something wrong. They are constantly told that being in a relationship is what’s best for them, even when it’s not.

Therefore, to resist all this social and family pressure, a person who commits to remain celibate is very likely to be a maverick.

He is someone who does not give in to pressure, who does not feel the need to base his entire existence on what others think is “right”.

And good for them!

At the end of the day, we should all be free to live a life that makes us happy, whether riding solo or in a relationship!

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