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Do you ever walk into a room full of people and feel small and uncomfortable?

You constantly worry about how you look, how you walk, or what other people think of you, which makes you want to go home as soon as possible.

Many of us have experienced it too: we think of the most beautiful people we know and wonder how they can look effortlessly stylish and confident as if the world were their runway.

We find ourselves wanting to be like them.

But what many people still don’t realize is that you don’t have to be other people to exude the same calm and elegance that some celebrities have.

It may seem like other people are born with it, but having confidence and poise really comes from having a strong sense of self and a liberating security that you are loved despite your faults and weaknesses.

If you want to start gaining confidence and peace of mind, check out these tips:

1) Love and accept yourself

Confidence and poise really lie in your state of mind and how you think about yourself – the way you talk, walk and act are simply their manifestations.

Before learning how to carry yourself with maximum elegance and confidence, you must first look within yourself and work on having a good relationship with yourself.

True confidence lies in your love and trust in yourself: that you and your feelings are valid, no matter what.

Being balanced comes from accepting with grace and certainty that you can do difficult things and that it’s okay if you make mistakes because it will make you a better person.

It allows you to act more calmly and comfortably.

I know this is not easy for many people who struggle to accept themselves.

It is a long and arduous process that involves facing your fears, but it will be worth it and liberating.

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2) Follow your own set of principles

We meet new people and find ourselves in different situations every day, testing the principles we believe in.

And I know it’s easy to get lost in the process.

Many of us tend to do things we don’t approve of just to fit in and look superior.

But these actions can have serious consequences.

They also rob us of the opportunity to be more comfortable in our own skin and be loved for who we are.

Real confidence and poise come from knowing and accepting who you really are and sticking to the set of values ​​you strongly believe in.

Some may find that being humble, honest, and kind is outdated in an age where embellishment equates to value.

But continuing to live according to these values ​​can improve your quality of life, bringing peace of mind.

These also allow you to build healthy and meaningful relationships that serve as a solid support system.

Living life with integrity gives you the confidence to face any situation you find yourself in.

Choosing love and kindness makes you radiate a sense of lightness and positivity that puts everyone at ease in your presence.

It also allows you to carry yourself with real composure and calm from the satisfaction and security you feel with yourself.

3) Have an open mind

Carrying yourself with confidence and poise is different from being cocky and self-centered: the former comes from having a secure sense of self, while the latter is actually insecurity projected as superior.

Arrogant people think they are better than everyone else.

That’s why they tend to talk about you, belittle you or impose their thoughts on you.

But confident and willing people tend to be empathetic.

They always try to keep an open mind and not judge others.

That’s because they know the world is big and there’s a lot they didn’t know, and that doesn’t make them any less of a person.

Confident and composed people tend to be eager to learn new things from others and try to be respectful and sensitive to them.

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4) Increase your social skills with mental and emotional well-being

Part of loving and accepting yourself is working to improve your mental and emotional state.

This allows you to not be afraid to talk to other people and speak your mind, making you realize that your words have value and deserve to be heard.

It also teaches you healthy ways to deal with difficult situations.

Calm and composed people avoid reacting to raw emotions, but that doesn’t mean they repress and invalidate their feelings.

They practice healthy ways of verbalizing their thoughts and setting boundaries.

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5) Develop your own style

Carrying yourself with confidence and poise also involves proper grooming and fashion sense.

But that doesn’t mean you have to buy the latest collection of luxury brands or follow every fashion trend, it just means that you feel comfortable with your physical appearance and have fun developing your style.

Confidence and fashion can be closely connected, where knowing your self-worth allows you to not be afraid to try different styles until you find what you like and feel comfortable with.

Wearing nice and comfortable clothes, in turn, allows you to feel good about yourself.

You can start by reading and experimenting with colors, patterns and accessories that work well with your body shape and skin tone.

6) Relax and be in the moment

Anxiety and worry can sometimes get the best of us, stealing precious moments that can otherwise be enjoyable and memorable.

These emotions will also show up in the way we behave: we tend to become more anxious, avoid social interaction, or even unknowingly radiate negative energy.

For you to act genuinely and confidently, it helps you to make sure that everything is going to be okay, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.

I know this is not easy.

That is why we should do different ways to take care of ourselves and work on controlling the thoughts that make us worry and anxiety.

It helps to seek professional help and practice healthy ways of coping.

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7) Avoid bending over and touching them

Posture and gestures may be trivial matters to some, but if you want to work on carrying yourself with poise and confidence, you may not want to miss these details.

Having proper posture also improves self-esteem, mood and aura.

It improves blood flow and the release of happy hormones, improving your overall well-being.

Your clothes also tend to fit better when you stand up and walk properly.

Fidgeting is also a sign of tension, which can give other people the wrong impression or make them feel uncomfortable in your presence.

After all, it’s not a pleasant experience talking to someone who doesn’t look you in the eye and is constantly on the phone or touching their hair.

To start avoiding slouching and playing, try exercising regularly or doing self-relaxation activities such as yoga, meditation, or pilates.

8) Also consider the comfort of others

To act with more confidence and poise, you may also want to learn proper etiquette, which will enable you to act gracefully and correctly on any occasion.

Many may have associated the label with people of higher social standing.

But anyone can practice these sets of behavior.

Etiquette is more about putting other people at ease with your presence and learning to act and be confident in every situation.

This set of behaviors allows you to step out of your comfort zone while being confident in your own skin.

People feel more comfortable in your presence and even find conversations with you enjoyable.

Examples are maintaining eye contact in the right way when talking to someone or knowing when to listen and contribute to a discussion.

9) Reward yourself every now and then

To carry yourself with real confidence and poise, you also need to be kind to yourself. And that means rewarding yourself with the self-care you deserve.

Doing these things makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed about the things that worry you.

Once you feel rested, you are ready to return to your normal routine and face the pressure with grace and calmness.

Rewarding yourself can be anything. It may mean finally taking the day off or allowing no overtime.

Or you can also spend a relaxing day at the salon or spa or take a weekend vacation.

Do these little things that make you happier and more relaxed.

10) Forgive yourself

Loving and accepting yourself also means being able to forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes, and while they sometimes make us feel guilty or ashamed, they don’t make us any less of a person.

These are important learning experiences that make us better people: you may have done things that classy women would never do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a balanced and confident person.

It’s never too late to work on improving yourself.

Having this mindset will give you the confidence to go about your day with calm and composure, radiating genuine poise and positivity.

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