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Relationships aren’t easy for anyone, but some women seem to navigate the turbulence of love with grace and dignity…and never stray from their values!

So what do they do differently from the rest of us? How do they cultivate healthy relationships without sacrificing themselves in the process?

Read on to find out!

In this article, we’ll cover 12 things strong women do differently in relationships. Let’s start with the most important point:

1) They do not compromise their limits

Strong women know who they are and how they want to be treated.

So it’s no wonder they set strong boundaries in their relationships! They have self-esteem and prioritize their well-being above all else.

No matter how loved they are, they won’t budge if something means a lot to them. They know the importance of protecting their mental, emotional and physical energy.

And the truth is, a good guy would respect his boundaries. What if it doesn’t?

Strong women know it’s time to leave!

2) They respect their partner’s boundaries

In addition to having their own strong boundaries, strong women also respect their partners’ boundaries!

They recognize the importance of having boundaries in a relationship and know the damage that can result if one of these personal boundaries is crossed.

In fact, strong women struggle with men who have no boundaries: they want a partner who is equal and can support themselves.

In a nutshell:

They want a partner who has self-respect!

3) They know what they want and are clear about it

Now, in addition to being clear about their limits, strong women also know what they want:

Your relationship Your personal life Your professional career

And his future!

So don’t expect strong women to put up with nasty behavior or men who aren’t ready to commit.

When strong women make up their minds about something, they do it. They won’t waste their time with guys who aren’t serious!

And speaking of bad behavior…

4) They do not tolerate toxic behavior

Another thing strong women do differently in relationships is refuse to put up with toxic behavior.

Unfortunately, many women don’t even recognize the red flags of a toxic man. Before long, they are hooked and have a hard time letting go.

Strong women, on the other hand, usually notice these signs early on. This is partly because they are extremely self-aware and clear about what they want in a relationship.

But it also comes down to being fiercely independent and unwilling to compromise your lifestyle for men who display toxic behavior!

5) They own their emotions

There’s no denying that relationships are a rollercoaster of emotions, but one thing strong women do differently is own up to their feelings.

They don’t need to tiptoe, nor do they need validation of how they feel.

Simply put, they are well aware of their moods and know what their triggers are!

This means they are able to regulate their emotions and get back on track, without depending on their partner to pick up the pieces.

6) They communicate effectively

Part of managing your own emotions includes being able to communicate effectively; this is something that strong women ensure.

They do not shy away from revealing their feelings or thoughts. They don’t avoid difficult conversations or fear upsetting their partner with truth bombs.

They actively listen to their partner and take their feelings into account, as well as being open and vulnerable with their own.

And when communication breaks down?

They are looking for help! Strong women know they can’t “do it all”. So, when problems arise, they turn to the professionals, in this case, the hero of the relationship.

By talking to a professional relationship coach, strong women can work through their issues and get their relationships back on track.

They don’t wait for miscommunication or other relationship issues to creep in and ruin things, they do what they have to do to cultivate healthy relationships!

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This commitment to communicate effectively also relates to the following point:

7) They are not afraid of conflicts

Oh yes, strong women aren’t afraid to rock the boat!

They know that conflict is a natural part of every relationship, and instead of sweeping problems under the rug or running away from uncomfortable conversations, it’s better to face them head on!

But here’s the catch:

Strong women don’t waste time arguing in circles. They want to have constructive conversations where both partners feel heard and understood.

Ultimately, they work to solve them, not outdo their partner and have the last word!

8) They don’t get jealous easily

Another thing that strong women do differently in relationships is do it avoid feeling jealous.

It comes down to one reason:

They have a lot of self-esteem.

They know what they bring to the table, so while a younger, hotter model might be spotted on the radar (they’re not blind, after all), it won’t be cause for concern or jealousy!

What if a man cheats?

They take it as their loss, not theirs! Strong women know that a cheater’s actions are not a reflection of them, they are a reflection of him!

9) They maintain their sense of independence

Now, one of the reasons why strong women have it so strong sense of self-esteem it’s that they’re also incredibly independent.

They don’t trust a man to do things for them, especially if they can do it themselves!

But the most important thing is that they maintain their individuality.

Yes, they share their lives with their partners, but they also keep:

Your own circles of friends Your own hobbies and interests Your own personal time and space Your own career and finances

You see, when a couple becomes too intertwined, they can lose their sense of individuality. This can cause all kinds of problems, including codependency.

But strong women know that for a relationship to thrive, both people need to have their own lives and some time apart here and there!

10) They demand an equal partnership

One thing strong women do differently in relationships is demand men who can take care of themselves and contribute to the partnership – they want equality.

He is not a man who wants to be a mother. He is not a man who wants to control.

They want someone to grow with in life, someone who can take responsibility!

This also goes back to not putting up with toxic behavior; strong women know what they’re looking for and if a man can’t keep up, they know when to say boy, bye!

11) They are resilient during hard times

Now, even if strong women are in equal partnerships, there will always be rough times. Every relationship goes through them.

But here’s the thing strong women do differently:

They don’t give up.

If it’s something that can be resolved (and not a fundamental trait they can’t live with), they’ll fight for their relationship.

The truth is…

They know that anything worthwhile in life does not come easy.

So if they have a partner who is respectful and loving, they will stick with you through the tough times because they know it won’t last forever!

12) They are not afraid to leave

And finally, strong women are not afraid to walk away from a relationship.

As we explained, they are:

Resilient Self-Aware Independent Emotionally Intelligent

And much more!

So when a man doesn’t live up to the standards they’re looking for, or if a relationship turns toxic, they have no problem knowing when to say goodbye and separate.

The bottom line is that strong women are not afraid to be alone.

They have self-esteem and know that it is better to be single than to be in an unhappy and unsatisfying relationship!

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