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Successful people are successful not only because they take big risks.

They are successful because they have developed habits that they do day after day, without fail.

If you want to be successful yourself, here are 13 habits you need to develop now.

1) They allow themselves to be super lazy

When we’re “lazy,” it’s usually a sign that we’re exhausted or not really where we’re supposed to be.

Successful people use this time to do nothing instead of pushing themselves to work hard. They would be “lazing” for hours, even days!, because when they are not so inspired, they know something is not right.

But they don’t waste time.

Once recharged, they would be asked questions such as:

Do I really still like what I’m doing? Am I lazy because I feel stuck? Should I seek outside help now? Why am I really uninspired this time?

In other words, they use it as a time to reflect and reevaluate… and never feel guilty about it.

But here’s the thing… successful people operate this way because they’re rarely really lazy and uninspired in the first place.

2) They wake up before six (even if they slept late!)

I don’t know what your definition of “success” is (perhaps “success” to you means being free to do whatever you want), but it might help to know that most CEOs wake up before six in the morning.

And you know what’s admirable? They do it constantly even if they were awake the night before. If that’s not self-discipline, I don’t know what is.

So if you define success as being able to create something or contribute to something, you should set your alarm earlier.

Of course, there is wake up laterbut they are the exception.

But even if you’re not a corporate person, you’ll still benefit from waking up before the world does. You will have peace and quiet, and your day will not be rushed.

Just the feeling of “being ahead” can motivate you to do more with your day.

3) They don’t rush to take care of themselves

Since most successful people wake up early, they have time to take care of themselves.

It usually starts with them making their bed, then meditating, then brushing their teeth and maybe stretching.

Of course, exercise is part of the package, most of the time anyway. And that is because there is a strong connection between them fitness and success.

And if they feel burned out, they don’t rush into relaxation and leisure just so they can get back in the chair as soon as possible. They take their time until they fully recover.

4) They visualize success

Successful people are optimistic.

Of course, they know that not all goals and undertakings can come true, but they still believe in impossible things. They know that without hope, NOTHING is possible.

And so they imagine success as if it were already in front of them: they smell it, touch it, see it, feel it, and even taste it.

When one believes something so bad that it almost feels real, we “pull it”. Some call it “The Law of Attraction” but it’s really just our subconscious guiding us to make small and big decisions that could make it all come true…and our subconscious is really a powerful thing!

5) Count their blessings

Successful people make gratitude a daily habit.

They know they are lucky to be where they are. And, for them, having clear goals is enough to thank them (even if they are still far from achieving some of them).

That’s why it’s nicer to be with them. They are grateful to their employees, to their customers, to everyone they meet…even to their grumpy neighbor. And in return, they receive even more blessings.

What gratitude also does is that it makes a person less bitter in general, and that makes successful people even more inspired to work better.

6) They make to-do lists

Successful people ENJOY making lists. In fact, many of them cannot live without it.

Writing to-do lists not only helps them get more organized, but it also clears the brain of clutter, giving them more space to think about the most important things, like new inventions and improvements to their script.

Successful people know that they can’t simply rely on their memory to remember what they need to do for the day…and that’s why lists are essential to their success.

7) They take planned breaks

Successful people know this breaks are essential to productivity.

So even if they are in a crisis, they take 10-15 minute breaks, especially if they have been working at their desk all day.

They went for a brisk walk, took a short nap, played a game on their phone, or did some stretching.

As mentioned above, they don’t skimp on self-care because they know that in order to be successful in anything, they need to have a fit mind and body.

8) Recite positive affirmations throughout the day

Like short breaks, successful people know they need to fuel themselves with encouragement and positivity to get through the day.

They don’t just do it on difficult days where a pep talk is definitely needed. They do this even on normal days so that they have a strong shield against negativity.

Successful people often deal with risky ideas and big projects. They don’t want a bad comment or rejection to wear down their spirit.

9) They reach out to others

Successful people know that they can’t do it alone, that they need partners and friends…heck, a people!, to achieve their goals.

But they don’t just take and take, they also really want to help. For them, it’s more fun that way anyway… when people collaborate and push each other to the top.

They send emails to their friends, mentors and business partners. They greet their colleagues and new neighbors. Yes, it has become his habit. A part of them feels “off” when they can’t reach someone even to send a cute GIF.

10) They do something scary every day

You know that life tip “Do something every day that scares you”?

Well, successful people take it seriously, so seriously that they made it a habit.

They know that while doing the same thing over and over is admirable (it shows that one has self-discipline), great discoveries and solutions are not made by just taking risks, but by doing something scary.

If they are painters, for example, they would try to add a new element to their painting or walk a different path on their way home from work just to get inspired.

Successful people like to change things up a bit because they know that’s how they get ahead.

11) They get nerdy

Successful people love to learn.

It’s just in his nature. Interestingly, this same trait also allows them to create things that not everyone can do. They are able to make more unique art, more innovative inventions, and are able to run businesses smoothly because, after all, knowledge is power.

They make sure they won’t sleep without at least reading a few pages of a book or learning new things on Youtube. Learning is always part of their day.

12) They monitor how they spend their time

Time is the most valuable asset. Successful people are well aware of this, so they constantly pay attention to how they use their time.

They know that 30 minutes of Instagram scrolling or 15 minute coffee breaks add up.

They constantly find ways to eliminate time wasters like long, unproductive meetings. They also say no to invitations if they have deadlines.

They check their productivity at the beginning, middle, and end of their workday to make sure they’re actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

13) They turn off when it’s time to stop

You might think that successful people spend all their time on their work. But can you really consider someone who is a successful workaholic?

I do not.

Success, to me, should be holistic. This means that not only are you achieving your big goals, but you also have a good family life and a healthy mind, body and soul.

Truly successful people know that work is just work, whether they’re doing great things.

So when the clock strikes five or when the time they set to stop working arrives, they make a full stop.

They know they can only come back the next day. Also, if they really have hit shots, I wouldn’t be rushing any deadlines anyway.

last words

There is no guarantee that you will be instantly successful once you adapt these habits. Success takes more than habits, after all.

However, it is a 100% guarantee that your chances of success will increase dramatically. And not only that, you’ll have a much happier life in general.

So incorporate these habits slowly but surely…and you’ll be glad you started sooner rather than later.

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