20 questions with charity: Find out where she sees herself in 5 years and who inspires her most

Learn more about the upcoming Bachelorette!

Fans have gotten to know Charity on Zach’s season of “The Bachelor,” and he just announced her as the Bachelorette for Season 20!

Now open exclusively on BachelorNation.com, answering 20 quick questions.

Get to know Charity a little better below!

1. A taboo subject I love to talk about is: Nothing is off limits! I love talking about anything and everything, and let’s be real, I think it’s the only way to really get to know someone!!!

2. I think a celebrity couple that is the definition of #relationshipgoals is: Russell Wilson and Ciara. The way they love and support each other is an inspiration. They are both gorgeous, have the cutest family and an amazing career!

3. The best relationship advice I ever received was: Love yourself first and always.

4. My zodiac sign is ___________ and my plus [insert zodiac sign] trait would be: Capricorn; Capricorns are known to be ambitious and loyal, devoting a lot of time to my career and relationships!

5. My biggest anger is: done Is it a sensory thing? Probably, but the sound of chewing… mouth open. hard pass

6. The first thing I do when I wake up is: I always express my gratitude for the day, whether it’s written in my journal or verbally saying it out loud. It sets the tone for my day.

7. My last meal on earth would be: The south is coming out of me, but boil some seafood…if it ain’t seasoned, I don’t want it!

8. My hidden talent is: I can sing… I’m no Beyoncé, but I could pass vocally as her second cousin. I come from a musically inclined family, and although I am not trained in instruments, singing became my strength. But I don’t sing on request…so don’t ask.

9. The person who inspires me the most is: My father. She is one of the most hardworking, loving and selfless people I know. He has taught me every possible life lesson and he has done it all with love. He leads our family and has modeled a commendable marriage!

10. The movie I have watched the most is: Just last year, “Top Gun: Maverick.” This is the hottest cast ever. The suspense, the story, the cinematography, the ending. Phew, a 10/10.

11. The last thing I googled is: “How to make the best espresso martini at home.”

12. My favorite part of being on “The Bachelor” was:Entering the mansion with the girls, but also traveling and all the fun dates with Zach!

13. Being on “The Bachelor” taught me: This will sound cliché, I know, but being vulnerable is a beautiful thing and not always so scary!

14. My celebrity crush is: Michael B. Jordan. period

15. My advice to anyone going on “The Bachelor” is: Be true to yourself. Don’t change the lead, other cast members, cameras, anything. Go in with an open perspective and really approach the experience of possibly falling in love. My hope is that anyone on the show is in it for the right reasons, as scary as it may be, I think authenticity shines through and is a valuable trait to carry throughout. It will be recognized 100%.

16. If I had to date only three people from Bachelor Nation for the rest of my life, they would be: Kat Izzo, Ariel Frenkel, and Brooklyn Willie, now that’s a spectrum of personalities, but they all bring out the best parts of my personality and make me laugh non-stop!!

17. If you’re going on “The Bachelor,” don’t forget to pack: A noise machine. Bailey’s noise machine was my saving grace on nights I couldn’t pass out and block out the noise!

18. One thing I still have from my time on “The Bachelor” is: So I actually managed to save most of my roses from the show, pressed/dried them and made a resin casting mold out of them. I will have them forever, and it is a precious memory of a once in a lifetime experience.

19. When Bachelor Nation fans approach me in person and/or online, the first question they ask is: “Charity, we need to know: What’s the secret to your flawless skin?” And, well, two things: 1. Blessed with great genetics 2. Invest in great skin care, know your body chemistry and what works for others won’t always work for you!

20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I hope to be married to my soulmate, live in a big city with my own private practice, and have or prepare to have a few little ones running around behind us!

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