20 Questions with Olivia L.: Find out where she sees herself in 5 years and who inspires her the most

Learn more about the Bachelor Nation star!

Fans met Olivia L. on Zach’s season of “The Bachelor,” and now she’s opening up exclusively to BachelorNation.com, answering 20 quick questions.

Get to know Olivia L. a little better below!

1. A taboo topic I like to talk about is: Abortion and racism.

2. I think a celebrity couple that is the definition of #relationshipgoals is: I really don’t like all relationship goals because everyone has demons in their relationship closet and pretty pictures on Instagram are what society makes relationship goals. I also don’t put my goals for a relationship on someone else’s. But if I had to choose, Jay Shetty and his wife Radhi.

3. My guilty pleasure is: Hot Pockets with a special blend of hot sauce and ranch dressing and expensive yoga classes in super cute matching bra and leotard sets.

4. The best relationship advice I ever received was:You have to close the window that hurts you no matter how beautiful the view is.

5. My zodiac sign is ___________ and my plus [insert zodiac sign] trait would be: Leo: My confidence…whether I walk into a room nervous or calm, Imma exude confidence and you’ll never know I’m freaking out.

6. My biggest anger is: Outerwear on the bed. Do NOT get into my bed with your outer clothes on. It is very gross to me and I will kick people out for it.

7. My last meal on earth would be: Shrimp Tacos With some fries and salsa and some Voss water.

8. My hidden talent is: I can interpret Chinese financial documents.

9. My current phone screensaver is: My little brother and I in a wedding, and I can say we are golden and great!

10. The person who inspires me the most is: Shay Mitchell. That woman is ICONIC.

11. The movie I’ve seen the most is: Or “Remember the Titans” or “The Fault in Our Stars.”

12. The most famous person to DM me/follow me on social media is: I’m declaring the fifth because it might still be in my DMs and I don’t want to blow up their site 🙊💀.

13. My favorite emoji is: 😴 because these hoes keep putting me to sleep.

14. The last thing I googled is: Why are cassowaries the most dangerous bird on earth?

15. My favorite part of being on “The Bachelor” was: Meeting all the amazing women and building friendships!

16. Being on “The Bachelor” taught me: To say yes to the crazy! Don’t overlook once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Dive in head first and don’t hold back or dim your personality for anyone!

17. My celebrity crush is: Chris Paul!

18. My advice to anyone going on “The Bachelor” is: Make sure you have thick skin, a journal, and some bomb attacks.

19. If I had to date only three people from Bachelor Nation for the rest of my life, they would be: Teddi Wright, Aven Jones and Rachel Lindsay!

20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I see myself grounded in my relationship with God, in a house I’ve built with a couple of other dogs, playing Division 1 men’s basketball, and traveling wherever and whenever I want. I see financial freedom and it’s up to me and myself alone. I look happy and full of life and joy. Big smiles and sandy beaches with beautiful bathing suits! I see a happy Liv and I’m excited for the next five years!

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