5 Dating App Hacks To Have A Kickass Bio That Gets Women Swiping For You

Entering the world of online dating is nothing less than an adventure in the jungle. You encounter a variety of different species: some are friendly, others are downright aggressive or creepy. Finding the right match can be a frustrating journey as you mindlessly swipe through thousands of profiles.

To get a match on dating apps, your profile needs to stand out from the crowd with something that catches your eye instantly. Studies have shown that people take fair 1/10 of a second to make a judgment about someone through their images. This is the time you have to impress a woman and get your profile right.

Here are 5 dating app hacks to help you make a great first impression:


1. No shirtless selfies

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As much as you love your gym time and muscular physique, posting a shirtless selfie on your dating profile is a surefire way to get out of the running. These are the profiles women instantly dismiss while browsing potential partners. It makes you look worthless and desperate, two qualities women definitely don’t want in their partners. Choose a photo you took on vacation or something with a nice background that can spark a conversation.

2. Show off your furry friends

Show off your furry friends
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If you love animals, there’s no better profile picture than one with your dog or cat. As you probably already know, pictures of men with pets act as an instant chick magnet. These pictures show you as nice, kind and someone who is not afraid of commitment. This ticks all the boxes for women looking for meaningful companionship on dating apps.

3. Choose the right tags

Choose the correct tags
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A recent internal Tinder study revealed that women were more likely to swipe on men who are environmentally conscious or who follow veganism. Women want to match with men who share the same interests and values ​​as them, and concepts such as sustainability and respect for the environment are on the wish list of potential partners.

4. Be funny, not creepy

Be funny, not creepy
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Your bio should be sharp, witty and entertaining, not creepy. Your photo and bio are the most important aspects of your dating profile. That 1/10th of a second is spent just looking at these two sections and if you nail it here, your chances of getting a match go up significantly. Instead of listing a random list of qualities you want in your match, write a short, witty one-liner that can spark conversation and make someone laugh enough to jump right in.

5. Be active

Be active
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The algorithm of most dating apps is pretty simple: the more active you are, more profit you will get. Apps like Tinder and Bumble want you to spend more time on their app, so they cleverly reward people who engage more with the app with better matches and hidden perks. Change your bio and picture from time to time to stay active on the app and you’ll have a better chance of getting more matches.

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