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A relationship is based on a lot of healthy communication. In a relationship, people often feel the need to express their feelings, emotions, needs, wants and expectations, and this is the right way to go about things. Relationships that are based on expecting the other person to read minds and know what we are thinking often become toxic over time and can lead to separation. A relationship requires healthy conversations and communications, and two people who are willing to go through with it, no matter what. It also takes two people to be comfortable having awkward conversations and finding a solution to problems, rather than letting go.

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Marriage and family therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw is known for sharing relationship insights on her Instagram profile on a regular basis. The therapist, a day ago, addressed the need to have appropriate conversations in a relationship. “Each level of conversation can be satisfying and helpful for a relationship, none is better or worse, and it’s important to think about whether you’re having the kinds of conversations you want to have within your relationships. By knowing the levels of conversation. , you can assess where you stand with the people you love and work towards the conversations you want to have,” read an excerpt from her post. Elizabeth listed the five levels of a conversation:

Sharing clichés: Starting the conversation is one of the hardest parts. It’s easier to start the conversation by sharing clichés or small talk about the person’s well-being, or something very general, like commenting on the weather.

Share information: Sharing specific information can interest the other person to stay and contribute more to the conversation.

Ideas and opinions: Sharing more intimate knowledge, such as opinions and perspectives, can be reserved for the third level of conversation, when people become more interested in the conversation.

Values ​​and feelings: The exchange of values ​​and emotions is a very intimate process in a conversation, and is done with people to whom we feel close.

truths: At the final level of a conversation, we can share truths and our opinions about the relationship, and also seek their opinions.

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