A 25-year-old Israeli woman claims she fell victim to Tinder scammer…

A 25-year-old Israeli woman has been featured as the latest victim of notorious con artist Shimon Hayut in the much-talked-about Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler (2022). Iren Tranov said she watched the documentary, but Hayut convinced her that the accusations against him are all lies. Hayut’s charms eventually cost the woman about US$130,000.

Tranov told his story in a television interview last Friday. When Hayut contacted her, she confronted him about the documentary, but he managed to convince her that he was innocent.

Tranov told his new romance Hayut that he was looking for a new car. He promised to help her find a car at a good price. Posing as a partner in a car import company, he arranged for a luxury BMW at a very attractive price. Hayut had Tranov transfer the amount to his account and instructed the 25-year-old how to obtain loans from various banks. No sooner said than done. Tranov transferred $130,000 to the scammer. He didn’t take the car right away. He gave her an interim car, saying he would work on the vehicle she wanted.


Girl…what’s up?

This is one of those situations where we need to make victim blaming socially acceptable. It should be rare, but this meets the criteria. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me after Netflix made an entire documentary building an ironclad fraud case and, well, you deserve to lose your ass. I almost think she should shut herself down. Anyone foolish enough to be fooled by this guy AFTER watching the documentary is a menace to society. She can’t be trusted. She is a burden to the whole system. He is also stupid enough to go to the press about this situation. Like, Iren, this is a situation where shame and embarrassment should get you to take your medicine and keep your mouth shut. You rolled the dice and fell. Just walk away from the table and tell NO ONE because that makes you the dumbest woman on the planet. It’s bad for the whole women’s brand.

Fraud is rampant all over the world it seems these days. On a massive level. Elizabeth Holmes has just been sentenced to 11 years in prison. ZBF stole billions from people. It’s a golden age of fraud. It was golden perhaps. It’s actually surprising that fraud is so common that the Tinder Swindler and the WeWork guy are back doing what they do best, which is selling crap. And people leave them. These two are like the Kobe Bryant of fraud. They probably took it as a challenge. Two different eras. Now they are back with #24 instead of #8 and are starting a new chapter of scamming. It’s impressive in a way. An impulse to be great. An impulse to make a living doing nothing but lies. There are only two career paths. Either he’s the bait scammer or he’s in public office. He looked for the root where you can have sex with your victims.

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