A Tinder love story: How this Spotify anthem led LEMMONS to love and their debut EP

We’ve all heard of couples who found love through Tinder and for those who see it as an impossible feat, we’re here to give you hope. Tinder users Hannah Lemmons (professionally known as LEMONS) and producer Devin Smith they met after joining LEMMONS’ Spotify Anthem and later this year released their first collaboration: Like the Fruit EP.

It all started with “I cast a spell on you” by Nina Simone, “who is one of my favorite artists of all time,” revealed LEMMONS. That was actually part of his master plan, he told Hypebae. “If someone decides to swipe at me, I can immediately tell she is someone who appreciates jazz, black American history, iconic female instrumentalists, not to mention Simone’s amazing vocal ability. .” And it worked. From the moment Devin expressed admiration for his anthem, “I knew we would have a lot in common,” she said.

“As a musician, being able to connect with someone on that level makes it that much more attractive to me. The first time we went out, we talked about D’Angelo and Tevin Campbell for hours and hours.” Devin even admitted, “When I swiped and found LEMMONS profile, I remember seeing her [Spotify Anthem] choice, breathing a sigh of relief and thinking, ‘thank God, someone with taste…'”

As a producer, the Spotify Anthem feature makes dating less daunting for Devin. He believes that “someone’s taste in music actually reveals a lot about who they are as a person and whether or not we can be compatible.” For chat music lovers, Devin’s song was “fuego” – Channel Three (ft. Tyler, The Creator) – but admittedly, he changes it often.

If you’re looking for love, read on to learn more about Devin and LEMMONS’ love story.

How has music improved your relationship?

Devin: Music is the only reason we met and connected. We both listen to and appreciate the same artists and genres, and it worked out perfectly that LEMMONS sings, while I produce. Add that to the fact that we shared the same college town, and we seemed to have so many synergies – it was a match I was waiting for.

LEMONS: I feel like, in many ways, music is the backbone of our whole relationship. From the beginning, we connected through our love of music – we made a song together the first time we met without even planning it, it just happened. It felt natural to us because we both like to create and align a lot in terms of process and style. You know when you can sit quietly with someone and it’s still very comfortable? It’s a bit like that; I know when I’m with Devin, he’ll start playing and I’ll start singing and everything will feel good. We only have one groove, literally.

You are both at the top of your career and killing it. How do you balance career growth with love and romance?

Devin: I think it’s important to make time for romance and intimacy. In our fields, we keep crazy hours and schedules, and music can be very mentally and emotionally consuming, so it’s important to have that separation and a healed time for love.

LEMONS: Balancing work and family life is definitely an ongoing challenge, but I think it helps when you connect with someone who can appreciate you and know you where you are. I know that when Devin is busy, it’s because he’s traveling, gaming, or creating something amazing that furthers his passions, and I’m so proud to see how he’s killing the game.

When we have time to spend together, our version of “warming up” (making music or just singing and playing together) means that any time we spend together will fuel our personal happiness, but it’s also something we could turn into something else. song, another project, or another step forward in our musical life. It really is the best of both worlds.

Tinder dating spotify anthem nina simone music lemmons like the fruit ep producer devin smith


Do you have any advice for people looking for love on dating apps?

Devin: My advice is quite simple: let love come naturally to you. Forced love isn’t fun love, so giving yourself time and space to develop a meaningful connection beyond the initial attraction is key to creating something that lasts.

LEMONS: My biggest tip is to be honest and clear about your intentions. Be yourself and be willing to give someone a chance. Dating can be hard, but I think it’s easier to find someone when you really listen to yourself and follow what feels right to you. Before Devin and I met in person, we talked on FaceTime and had a good time connecting virtually. It really gave me a sense of calmness and ease that I could just be myself around him and we could still enjoy each other’s company. After I got a chance to get to know him a bit, I felt very open to letting someone new in, and I was definitely rewarded: he ended up being my first LA friend and the person who produced my first EP, Like The. Fruit! Even though it was a little scary at the time, I’m so grateful that I proposed.

Tinder dating spotify anthem nina simone music lemmons like the fruit ep producer devin smith


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