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The following contains spoilers for Abbott Elementary Season 2, Episodes 16 and 17, “Teacher Conference” and “Mural Arts,” which premiered Wednesday, February 22 and March 1 on ABC.

Abbott Elementary is a favorite among viewers and critics alike because of the complex and hilarious interactions between the titular public school faculty. One of his most fascinating relationships is the juxtaposition between Janine Teagues and Barbara Howard. The duo have become much closer than before as their work conflicts have given them a much better understanding of each other.

In their first interaction, Barbara was forced to restore order to Janine’s classroom because Janine’s students refused to recognize her authority and were disrupting other classes in the process. What Janine’s begging and pleading couldn’t do, Barbara got it with a single sharp command: “Sit!” Janine thanked Barbara profusely for her assistance and tried to strike up a conversation, blissfully oblivious to Barbara’s attempts to escape. That scene perfectly highlighted the contrast between Barbara’s strictly professional demeanor and Janine’s friendly but domineering personality, but their disagreements made them better.

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Barbara watched Janine mature during Season 1 of Abbott Elementary

This initial professional gap between the two educators was simply too great for Barbara to take Janine seriously. Janine’s defining trait is starting ambitious projects only to end up failing royally, while Barbara’s years in office have given her a jaded view of the Philadelphia school system. This meant that his knee-jerk reaction to Janine’s entrepreneurial endeavors was a pessimistic take on why they couldn’t succeed. Although Janine’s optimism meant that Barbara’s advice always fell on deaf ears, her genuine desire to help students shone through even when she failed, and she slowly began to ingratiate herself with the barbara

Over the course of the first season of Abbott Elementary, Barbara began to develop a crush on Janine, but she only expresses her growing fondness for the younger teacher in a very subtle way. In Season 1, Episode 5, “Transfer Students,” Janine had to deal with Courtney, a very bright but troubled transfer student. Her frustration turned to dismay when she learned that Barbara and Abbott’s over-the-top director, Ava Coleman, were apparently ignoring her discomfort. placing a bet on her chances of success, but Janine realized that Barbara had bet on her. Courtney was in a third-grade class, and Barbara trusted Janine’s ability to deduct enough to put money into it.

Barbara and Janine had a full circle moment in the Season 1 finale “Zoo Balloon.” Barbara recognized Janine’s growth on the trip back from a field trip, praising her for how far she had come on her teaching journey. How did it happen, Barbara. He needn’t have said anything, because when a fight broke out between two students and stirred up the rest, all it took was a loud “Sit down!” from Janine to restore order to the entire bus. It was a page ripped out of Barbara’s playbook, and she showed her approval by giving Janine a rare thumbs up.

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Abbott Elementary Season 2 grows Barbara and Janine’s friendship

Barbara and Janine haven’t become best friends in Abbott Elementary Season 2, but they did enjoy a more cordial relationship. In Season 2, Episode 16, “Teachers’ Conference,” Barbara basically invited Janine to attend “PECSA-Geddon” with her and Melissa Schemmenti. This was a far cry from Barbara who ignored Janine’s emails and pretended they were all sent to her. spam folder. Janine ended up spending the event with her crush Gregory Eddie, but would have been welcome to join Barbara and Melissa. And while Janine’s friendship with Erica has made her less of a needy Barbara and more of an equal, Barbara now serves as a willing mentor to the colleague she once had at a distance.

In Season 2, Episode 5, “Juice,” Janine expressed to Barbara how much regular correspondence between them would help her avoid future disasters. In response, Barbara recognized how difficult it was for her to start as a teacher without a mentor of her own and decided to implement an office hours program. For one hour each month, any teacher (read: Janine) who wanted to understand how Barbara manages the impossible with such grace was invited to a sit-down chat, as long as they made a reservation, of course. .

Barbara and Janine’s relationship is not perfect, but they have both learned to relate properly. The office schedule may be the boundary they need to make their relationship equally fulfilling. Janine is finally able to get all the insightful teaching advice she wants from Barbara, while Barbara experiences Janine’s enthusiasm for teaching in a controlled environment on her terms. It’s a perfect compromise for two characters whose differences brought them together.

Abbott Elementary airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ABC.

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