AI chatbots are now used to flirt with dating apps – GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Cupidbot is a new app that uses AI chatbots to flirt with women on dating apps and alerts users when they have a secured phone number.

By Robert Succi | Posted 6 minutes ago

If you find your game lacking in the online dating department, you might be in luck. A recent vice The article uncovers a new way to get words into a woman’s heart, and that is using a third-party AI chat software called Cupidbot that can be used online with dating apps like Tinder. While it’s designed to give users a more competitive edge in the dating app world, we wonder about the ethical ramifications of using a dating chatbot.

According to Vice , straight white men have a harder time getting women to swipe right, and a group of rogue Tinder ex-employees have designed Cupidbot to help level the playing field. In other words, AI is making online dating much less organic by removing a natural first impression from the equation. Cupidbot’s creators, who wish to remain anonymous, think this will ultimately help men get more dates by using their ingenious invention.

How Cupidbot works is pretty simple: AI will be used through the back end of a dating app and match users with potential dates based on previous matches they’ve had on the app . From there, the chatbot will speak on the user’s behalf to secure a phone number and ultimately a date. While the creators have gone on record as saying how you get a potential date’s phone number doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, they encourage users to be honest about their use of a chatbot once a relationship has been created.

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This begs the question: If an organic first impression is beyond a man’s reach, is it really fair for them to stack the deck and rig the system to get a phone number? The creators of the AI ​​chatbot software see this as a necessary step for some men to take who might otherwise not have a chance to secure a date. They blame Tinder’s inherent need to be used repeatedly for profit for disadvantaging men on the online app. After all, if a man meets his future wife on Tinder, he has no use for Tinder anymore, right?

While the app aims to level the playing field for men, it’s easy to see how using AI chatbots in dating apps would be considered extremely off-putting to women, similar to discovering that a book it was written by artificial intelligence and not by a human. If a woman gives her phone number to a man she hits on an app like Tinder, only to discover that the initial conversation was a lie, a new layer of justified paranoia will emerge. Think of all the women who can be tricked into accepting a date with a man who couldn’t even make an honest first impression.

While some men may think they have an unfair advantage, the short-term benefit of using AI chatbots on dating apps may not be worth it in the long run. No one likes to be manipulated, especially by a potential partner, so compensation seems a little risky. If this technology becomes ubiquitous, it won’t be long before women stop using dating apps entirely in favor of a more honest approach to dating.

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