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Pete Davidson is technically a comedian, but most people know him for his other, more prolific career: dating famous women. Since 2016, he has been photographed with an impressive parade of women who are more famous and, according to many, more attractive than him. The world turns, the seasons change, but we can all, even Ted Cruz, agree on one thing: Pete Davidson shoots.

How Davidson’s dating resume came to read like the ensemble cast of Taylor Swift’s upcoming music video, I don’t know. While there are many theories as to how this man with the shape of an asparagus stalk has managed to score partners of this stature (most of them revolve around the size of his cock), I believe the mystery of the ‘Davidson’s appeal is not for us. No, we are here to observe, judge and analyze. In pursuit of this, I’ve embarked on a cursed journey to the center of the earth (Pete’s Raya profile) and chronicled her entire dating timeline, something only Pete and his tattoo artist know from memory Please follow me down this dark path.

Do you know who this woman is? I don’t, but it seems like Davidson has since at least 2015, when the two comedians dated for a few months while Aquilino starred on MTV’s Girl Code and Davidson appeared on its sister show, Guy Code. Her TikTok handle is currently @fashiongirl42069, which explains their connection. It seems they’re still friends and occasional co-workers — she had a role in his 2020 autobiographical film, King of Staten Island. Good for them!

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It’s May 2016. “One Dance” is playing everywhere, the Snapchat dog filter is huge, and you just bought your first pair of straight jeans. Plus, two celebrities you never thought were in a committed relationship: Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson and Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David. Davidson and David (it’s impossible to create a pair of nicknames from these almost identical surnames) dated for two years. According to David, Davidson broke up with her via text, and 24 hours later she found out via Instagram that she had covered up her David-centric tattoos and was dating Ariana Grande. Here’s Davidson talking about the breakup complex: “Very talented girl, she will be great and she will be fine. Yeah, I think he’ll be fine.”

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The ponytail that put Davidson on the map. This was Davidson’s first real relationship and no one talked much about it. Ha ha ha To meet this couple was to know all the cute, PDA-heavy details of their relationship: their couple tattoos, their pig, their pig tattoos, their “dope” kisses, that photo. They got engaged in June 2018 after three weeks of dating and reportedly called it off in October of that year in one of the most mature breakups of the century. At least we’ll always have it “Pete Davidson” (the song).

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After several public sightings together, Davidson and Beckinsale apparently confirmed their relationship by having a passionate tongue game during a hockey game in early 2019, much to the dismay of seatmate Antoni Porowski. They were together for almost five months, which is quite a long time for a rebound relationship, and also for Davidson in general.


Qualley and Davidson’s brief fling in 2019 was fairly quiet in terms of Davidson’s romantic endeavors: They spent time with each other and some pigeons in Venice, and Qualley’s mother, Andie MacDowell, name their relationship. “beautiful”. They broke up after two months. That’s life.

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Pete’s third baby! In the fall of 2019, Davidson began publicly holding hands with model and actress Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford. It looks like he’s put on hard pants at some point in this relationship, which is huge. In a more signature move, he and Gerber locked tongues by a pool in Miami. But a relationship can’t survive on denim alone, and these two broke up in January 2020. Davidson said several months later that he was “going through a lot” while they dated and checked into rehab shortly after the breakup. He suggested it wasn’t ideal for Gerber, who was 18 and “should have fun.”

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We’ve entered Davidson’s Bridgerton era, by which I mean the time he went through a field in the English countryside with Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor. For several months in the spring of 2021, these two enjoyed a little sexy fun, which included wearing matching initial necklaces and watching tennis. Refreshingly, no tongue was shown in public during their courtship. They split in August 2021, with tabloids citing their long-distance status. That’s it for now!

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Kim and Pete: A relationship that can be succinctly described as “too much”. They were first seen holding hands on a roller coaster, a telling indication of where things were headed. Kim wasn’t the first girlfriend to venture to Staten Island for Davidson, but she was certainly the most famous woman to do so. They took pizza. They took a vacation. They became friends with Jeff Bezos. Davidson grew tired of covering up his tattoos and ventured into burning his own skin with his girlfriend’s name. Classic stuff. We could measure the length of time of this relationship by how many deep, shuddering breaths I took while reading the news about it (too many to count) or by months (nine). They broke up in August, and while their relationship is over, their pacifier will forever live in my nightmares.

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Which brings us to another high-profile newly single woman: Emily Ratajkowski, who made a handful of public appearances with Davidson in the months following her split from producer husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. (Does Davidson have a Google alert for “divorce”?) After being followed into a building and photographed cuddling in sweatpants, they made their slightly more official debut at a Knicks game, where they were spotted enjoying their “similar vibes”. However, it soon became clear that Ratajkowski wasn’t looking for anything serious, and “Page Six” elegantly announced in December that “their fling has moved into the friend zone.”

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Despite being “pissed off” by Ratajkowski’s ambitious dating aspirations, Davidson had recovered in mid-December, when he was spotted heading to her apartment building with his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders . (Technically, that was several days before we even knew he and Ratajkowski had ended things.) In the month since, their whirlwind romance has included eating pierogi in Brooklyn, going to Whole Foods, and making her his other co-star Rachel Sennott is third. shoot them in a Rangers game. Sound familiar? Further proof that this man is sticking to outdated ideas: recently, he and Wonders paid a visit at Universal Studios, where they held hands on the Revenge of the Mummy ride. By all accounts, Davidson is back to his shit, and I’m ready for a long nap.

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