Bay County Voter Registration Deadline for 2023 Municipal Elections Approaching

PANAMA CITY – Mark Andersen says people shouldn’t miss the chance to vote in the 2023 municipal election.

As Bay County’s supervisor of elections, Anderson noted that March 20 is the last day for residents to register to vote in the April 18 election.

“The deadline is coming up and it’s important that people realize that,” Andersen said. “You can still update your address and stuff (after March 20), but if you’re not registered at this point, you won’t be able to participate.”

Lynn Haven race:Lynn Haven Commission appointee Judy Vandergrift is running for election in April

No bidding process?Panama City Beach residents will vote to opt out of the bidding process on some city purchases

According to the Bay County Supervisor of Elections website, the competing offices in each local municipality include: ,

Panama City – Mayor, Ward 2 Commissioner and Ward 3 Commissioner. Lynn Haven – Mayor, Ward 1 Commissioner, Ward 2 Commissioner and Ward 4 Commissioner. Mexico Beach – Mayor, Group 2 Council Member and member of the municipal council of group 3. Parker − mayor, seat 2 councilor and seat 4 councillor.

In Panama City, incumbents Greg Brudnicki and Brenda Williams are running for mayor, Michelle Bryant and Janice Lucas are running for Ward 2 commissioners and incumbents Billy Rader, Brian Grainger and Bruce Lang are running for Ward 3 commissioners .

In Lynn Haven, incumbent Jesse Nelson and Judy Tinder are running for mayor, Joe Brown, Brian Gray and Sam Peebles are running for commissioner in Seat 1, and Judy Vandergrift and Ellyne Fiends are running for commissioner in Seat 4. Vandergrift will being appointed as a commissioner earlier this year to temporarily fill Seat 4, which became vacant after former Commissioner Judy Tinder stepped down Jan. 31 with about two years remaining in her second four-year term.

In Mexico Beach, incumbents Al Cathy and Michele Miller are running for mayor, incumbents Jerry Smith, Lisa Logan and Gary Cox are running for Group 2 city council, and incumbents Bobby Pollock and Linda Hamilton are running for members of the municipal council of Group 3.

In Parker, incumbent Andrew Kelly and Patricia Fousek are running for mayor, Tony Barrow and Cameron Fuqua are running for Seat 2 council member, and Stacie Galbreath is running unopposed for Seat 4 council member.

“Between the different choices, there’s something that everyone should be involved in somewhere,” Andersen said.

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