Belgium and the Netherlands Compared in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts two of The Low Countries, but they can get high, and they’re both amazing places. You know what it is. You know that I’m talking about the Netherlands and Belgium, right?

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Belgium and the Netherlands
Or formally the Kingdom of Belgium and informally Holland
Two, small-ish bordering countries in Western Europe found, along with Luxembourg, in between France and Germany. They’re Low Countries.

Both are along the North Sea, historically at the so-called “crossroads of Europe,” and both do have a lot in common as you might expect, but Europe being Europe, there are lots of differences you maybe wouldn’t expect.

Oh before we move forward, I should say that, at least in the English speaking world, we call folks native to the Netherlands “The Dutch.” Now THEY often call themselves Nederlanders. But yeah most of the Flanders region of northern Belgium also speaks Dutch, and this region in particular has much more in common with the Netherlands.

Belgium actually has three official languages. Dutch, French, and German. In Belgium’s capital, Brussels, they speak both Dutch and French, and most Belgians can speak both Dutch and French to varying degrees. Oh, and if you’re watching this video right now from the Netherlands, you can likely understand me, as nearly everyone there can speak English, while that’s less likely if you are watching from Belgium, as less than half of Belgians can speak English.

Before we move forward any more, I suppose I ought to bring up the elephant in the room. No, not literally that elephant in that room. It’s a metaphorical idiom, goodness. Ok, so a really important thing I should have brought up already is that Belgium used to be part of the Netherlands.