Bryan Cranston stuns with footage of himself as ’80s dating interviewer – The Wrap

Bryan Cranston is no stranger to the life of a working actor, and the sometimes side media to make ends meet.

Sitting down with Kelly Clarkson for Thursday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the “Breaking Bad” Emmy winner recalled his early days as an actor waiting tables: “I wasn’t great with the real tag of waiting” – and loading trucks in downtown Los Angeles with partner Andy Garcia: “Hard work.”

But a money-making endeavor that most interested Clarkson was Cranston’s time as an interviewer and narrator for the 1980s video dating service Great Expectations.

“The dating service was Great Expectations? I feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure,” Clarkson teased.

“Those expectations better be high!” Cranston said.

But of course, the “American Idol” winner and host knew that Cranston’s historic time with the dating service was on the agenda for the day, and as such, surprised him with a very old ad from service where you can actually hear it. a young Cranston who brings potential dates to his destination.

“You were revolutionary because here’s the thing, now all these apps do exactly that,” Clarkson said. “You were ahead of the game.”

“That’s right. You swiped right or left, but you didn’t do anything in those days,” Cranston said. “It was a precursor to all those, you know, and things like that.”

Cranston added that it “actually worked really well” and that he often saw success stories of users dating and getting married.

“They did it!”

Watch the interview segment from “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in the video above.

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