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A Twitter user was lucky enough to land a job interview on a dating app amid widespread layoffs at big companies. While most people look for their dream partner on dating apps, one Twitter user decided to pitch his partner for a dream job.

She even posted a screenshot of her chat with the hiring manager, which sparked an online discussion. While many noted that the “age of layoffs” has changed people’s priorities, others expressed that the dating website “is the new LinkedIn.”

The now-viral screenshot shows the conversation starting on Bumble with the other person telling Adnaan that they are HR representatives from a startup. In the viral post, another person’s text reads: “Hahahaha. I’m in HR. Talent acquisition at a startup. How about you?”

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Adnan responded by stating that he was pursuing a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and was looking for a job in the message that followed. He wrote, “Maybe you can acquire talent (sic)’ma your startup,” Adnaan replied. Unexpectedly, the other person asked about the jobs he was interested in instead of being surprised by his approach.

They also asked Adnaan about his senior year in college. The other person wrote: “I was going to ask what kind of job are you looking for. LOL. Are you graduating this year?” Adnaan posted a viral screenshot of this interaction on Twitter along with the caption, “You use LinkedIn for work. I use Bumble. Bro, we’re not the same.”

you use LinkedIn for jobs. I use Bumble, we are not the same bro pic.twitter.com/JJUbW6AFwb
— adnaan (@theadnaankhan) January 22, 2023

He later claimed in the comments section of the post that his actions had paid off and that he will be attending an interview with the startup for a position. Adnaan posted, “I’m interviewing here just finalizing the dates. Haha.”

I’m interviewing here just finalizing the dates haha ​​— adnaan (@theadnaankhan) January 22, 2023

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