Buy Tinder Translator: An AZ of Modern Misogyny by Aileen Barratt, 9781743798522

Tinder Translator is your fun and empowering feminist companion in the world of online dating apps, patriarchy and self-love by Aileen Barratt of @TinderTranslators.

Ten years after Tinder’s introduction, dating apps have changed the landscape of human interaction and healthy relationships, but many feel like they’ve been sent into the wilderness without a guide. Especially for those who date cis-het men, the blatant misogyny they encounter during each swipe session is depressing and infuriating in equal measure. And then there are the not so blatant things. As you scroll through profile after profile, you’ll see the same stock phrases: just good vibes. He must be joking. Just ask. But what do they actually mean?

Through her Instagram account, Aileen has heard from thousands of people about their dating experiences, in addition to her own years spent on dating apps. This lingo dictionary is part reference, part rant, and part rallying cry for anyone navigating the sometimes dirty and exhausting experience of dating, but also just for everyone who’s sick of patriarchy, whatever their relationship status. Tinder Translator, a fun little hardback, is the perfect gift for friends (or yourself), whether they’re dating or not. It will make you laugh, sigh, think, and make you feel empowered and resilient.
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