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champions centers around a female idiot Marcus Marokovich (Woody Harrelson – Kate), although since Mr. Harrelson is almost 62, maybe he’s a little old for these roles?

Anyway, as is typical of lazy Hollywood these days, it’s not an original film, and it’s an English remake of a 2018 Spanish film (Campeones) of the same name.

After a few drinks, he ends up in jail for the night, after unintentionally crashing into a police car, going over the limit 3 times. After he is later fired from his coaching role with a minor league basketball team, the judge sentences him to 90 days of community service with a team called The Friends, who have Down syndrome or other mental disabilities, the which begs the question of why it’s a 12. -certain, due to the occasional use of what I can only describe as the “r-word”.

For the team, one of them, Johnny (Kevin Iannucci), describes himself as “your friend with an extra chromosome” (that is, a chromosome), so it’s a bunch of players, none of which are good, but you know that together they will find teamwork to overcome them and aim to win a big game of the tournament. It’s clear from the start that it’s meant to be a feel-good comedy, with the most going wrong being another member of the team, Benny, with a nasty boss who won’t let him attend games, instead of work in a restaurant

It introduces a relationship between Marcus and Alex (the super-hot Kaitlin Olson), who have previously met on Tinder for a relationship, and Champions is affable enough, but very predictable low-end entertainment. Nothing major happens and there are no surprises. It’s everything you’d expect.

Also, while the 93-minute film, 65, needed an extra 20 minutes of runtime, by contrast, Champions’ 123 minutes could be cut by 20 minutes!

There are some mid-credits and post-credits scenes:

Spoiler inside

As the credits roll, Woody Harrelson first sits down at the piano, singing a song called Phoenix, before it transitions into Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping comeback, which is heard earlier in the film. At this point in the credits, there are several basketball court scenes.

There’s also a post-credits scene where Showtime (Bradley Edens) finally makes the hoop shot he’s been aiming for his whole life.


Kaitlin Olson, yesterday.

But, there was one big problem… and clearly, I’m the only one who has spotted them. After the sound problem on the screen 7 with airplane, the screen 6 now has the same problem, but it seems worse. I saw Champions at 2.30pm at Cineworld Didsbury last Sunday, and while the center front speaker was fine, for any music that would normally come through the front left and right speakers, it only came out of the right.

And when songs were played during the movie, instead of coming out of all the speakers, as you’d expect from a movie that put them on to accompany basketball games, it just came out of the front right. Meanwhile, any sound effects, like the ball bouncing down the court, would occasionally go through the surround speakers, so something was seriously wrong.

I didn’t bring it up while I was in the movie, because (a) the more I thought about it, the more complex it was to try to explain it in a short summary, (b) I’d spend a lot of time on it. the time NOT watching the film, and (c) the screen 7 problem couldn’t be fixed on the day anyway, and Champions wasn’t being shown on any other screens that afternoon.

I know staff pop in for a couple of minutes, mostly to see if anyone is filming (and unfortunately they didn’t come in when two kids were running around the front row in the last 40 minutes), but issues like this don’t will be seen unless a member of staff sits at a screen in a central position for 5-10 minutes and turns on a piece of music.

When I get a response from Cineworld I will update here.

As for the movie choice, frankly, I would have expected Scream VI to have been showing, but it was in its first week, and Cineworld was doing everything they could to squeeze in extra money to punters through projection. ONLY in 3D, 4DX and Superscreen auditoriums, instead of the usual 2D screens. From the sounds of it, the film doesn’t need any of these gimmicks.

Of course, even though this is on 2D screens in week 2, there are other movies I want to see. As for those higher priced screens? Everyone is busy with Shazam: Fury of the Gods, and likewise, it’s on zero regular 2D screens.

champions it’s now in theaters and can be pre-ordered Blu-ray i DVDbefore its release on June 12, 2023.

Champions – Official Trailer – Focus Features

Detailed specifications:

Duration: 123 minutes
Release date: March 10, 2023
Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Format: 2.39:1
Cinema: Cineworld Didsbury
Rating: 4/10

Director: Bobby Farrelly
Producers: Paul Brooks, Drew Locke, Scott Niemeyer, Jeremy Plager
Screenplay: Mark Rizzo
Based on the Spanish film ‘Campeones’ by: Javier Fesser, David Marqués
Music: Michael Franti

Marcus: Woody Harrelson
Alex: Kaitlin Olson
Sonny: Matt Cook
Coach Phil Perretti: Ernie Hudson
July: Cheech Marin
Cosentino: Madison Tevlin
Darius: Joshua Felder
Johnny: Kevin Iannucci
Cody: Ashton Gunning
Craig: Matthew Von der Ahe
Blair: Tom Sinclair
Benny: James Day Keith
Arthur: Alex Hintz
Marlon: Casey Metcalfe
Presentation time: Bradley Edens
Point: Barbara Pollard
Judge Mary Menendez: Alex Castillo
Attorney McGurk: Mike Smith
Himself: Scott Van Pelt
Himself: Jalen Rose
Maya Coach: Alicia Johnston
Frank O’Connolly: Seán Cullen
Blake Lassiter: Jacob Blair
Headband: Ryan DeLong
Bus Driver: Cory Wojcik
Mom on the Bus: Lauren Cochrane
Boy with mother on the bus: Eddy Norman
Reporter: Stephanie Sy
Jimmy: Alex Hannah
Peter the ‘Ring’: Field B Pederson
Bartender: Jean-Jacques Javier

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