Charlie Puth and Sabrina Carpenter teased their collaborative single with a kiss

Rumors are swirling about whether Sabrina Carpenter is dating Shawn Mendes. Charlie Puth is five months away from dismissing rumors that he was collaborating with Taylor Swift.

Tonight, March 15, Carpenter suspended belief about his real-life romantic status, and Puth confirmed a collaboration with Carpenter, not Swift, with a TikTok. Puth posted the 13-second snippet with the simple caption, “3.31 @sabrinacarpenter @danandshay.”

In the alleged teaser for the video for their upcoming single, Carpenter and Puth are at a candlelit table playing a game of Operation. Carpenter successfully pulls out the heart. She commands Puth, who says, “I always knew you had a small, small heart.” The piano comes into play and the clip cuts just as Carpenter and Puth kiss.

Puth had said “the start of something special” was coming tonight earlier in the day on Twitter, while Carpenter promoted Emails I Can’t Send Fwd:, an expanded version of his July 2022 album, released this Friday, March 17.

Carpenter is also riding high on the popularity of “Nonsense,” her song Emails I Can’t Send that peaked at No. 43 this week on Billboard’s Radio Songs chart and peaked at No. 56 on the publication’s coveted Hot 100 at the beginning of February.

Puth reintroduced himself with his self-titled third studio album last October. Uproxx’s review of Charlie touted it as a long-awaited departure from perfectly packaged pop made for mass consumption and Puth’s official arrival as a pop star with lived experience to back up his melodic worms of the ears.

We’ll see what kind of inevitable radio candy Carpenter and Puth (and Dan And Shay?) have in store on March 31st.

Charlie Puth is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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