Cheryl Burke reveals if she wants to date again after divorce – Yakima Herald

Cheryl Burke only wants to date again if the ‘right man’ comes along.

The 38-year-old dancer split from ex-Boy Meets World star Matthew Lawrence, 43, in 2022 after three years of marriage and explained that although she is now single, she does not use any dating apps. dating and not actively looking. a new man

When asked if she has plans to date again, she told E! News: “Yeah, if the right guy comes along, so be it, but I’m not looking. I’m not on a dating app, let’s put it that way.”

The former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ pro added that because she has “changed” in the months since the split, the aspects she looks for in any potential suitor have now changed accordingly.

He added: “As I’ve changed, the characteristics of someone I’d be interested in have changed. It’s someone who wants to grow and evolve because without her life can be very stagnant and I’m not about to do that again to live.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl previously reflected that she was “not surprised” that her ex-husband wants to have children with new partner Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas after they were unable to have any.

She said: “I come from a large family and there were definitely conversations, but I had always said, ‘As long as I have to put my body in a dance costume, I probably can’t talk about me thinking about staying. pregnant for now, but yes, there were discussions about freezing my eggs.

I really hope he can have a child with Chili. I think it’s amazing. I think he wanted it.”

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