Colbert Imagines Dorky Priests Using ‘eHomily’ Dating App While Pope Mulls Invests…

Stephen Colbert and the big crowd at “The Late Show” couldn’t hold back after Pope Francis indicated he would revise the Roman Catholic Church’s rule of priestly celibacy.

Francis was originally against the idea, but said in a recent interview that celibacy is an individual “discipline” rather than a “contradiction” in the church. That change of course prompted Colbert’s fake news alert team to imagine what an online dating site called “eHomily” would be like for priests on the go.

“You vowed a life of celibacy? But now Pope Francis says, ‘So far so good.'” Introducing ehomily, the dating site where you can find a she for him, said a voiceover from a fake commercial after a newsreader breaking down the development started the segment. “The dating site where you can find a girl for your anthem.”

The ad went on to show a couple talking about going out to dinner.

“We love romantic dinners. Of course, it never pays,” said the woman.

“I took a vow of poverty,” replied the priest.

“He has a nice car though,” the woman added.

“Even though he has a nice car. It turns out that a thousand years of tradition was only a temporary recipe. So now, clergy, it’s time to live it up,” added the voiceover.

Colbert uses artificial intelligence to recreate Tucker Carlson's voice reading his own anti-Trump texts:

Another couple appears and confesses their love, as the “eHomily” announcement continues.

“I love him,” said the woman.

“And I love him,” replied the priest as he pointed to the sky.

The parody commercial ends with the voiceover saying, “What are you waiting for? Because this is the church. This is the steeple, and this is the website for meeting single people.”

To watch the full video, click on the video above.

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