Compare Dutch Dating Sites

Handy Dating Site Compare Tool

It is not easy to make a choice from the dozens of dating sites: one says this, the other promises it.

What do you expect from the dating site and what should it meet? 

Where can you become a free member and find a suitable date?

With the comparator below you can make your wishes known, after which you will see the dating sites that fit here. 

Compare the Dutch dating sites and find the dating site that suits you.

What are your preferences?

When choosing a dating site your preferences are leading.

What exactly are you looking for and which singles do you want to encounter? Are you looking for a man or woman?

How old can you be? All these questions give you answers to the question of what your preferences are. If you are not sure what you are looking for, for example the age preference, then it is wise to search broadly. You will encounter singles in more age classes.

Who are you looking for?

What are the features that you like or even essential? With the help of the dating comparator you can easily indicate who you are looking for. You can filter the dating sites so that you only see the dating sites that suit you. For example, you can select dating sites for the elderly , Christian, gay , higher educated , parents and erotic dating.

This extensive choice already determines to a large extent which dating sites meet your requirements. You can filter it even further by indicating which intentions you have. Are you looking for a relationship, do you want to cheat or are you longing for a new friendship?

What options do you want?

While one can not do without a dating app , this is not necessary for the other. The same applies to video chat functionality.

If you do not have a webcam then this is not a requirement. Because dating sites vary in terms of operation, the options that you have also differ. In the comparison of the dating sites you can select various options, including the first mentioned features but also whether the dating site has a quality mark, performs personality tests, has a mobile page or organizes events.

If you do not care, you can sort the dating sites without selecting options.

What can you do as a free member?

The comparison of the dating sites on this page clarifies whether the dating site is free or not. Registration is free for most websites.

This applies to virtually every choice you make. In addition, there are often similarities between the websites about what you can and can not do if you do not pay.

At no cost is it generally not possible to send messages, but there are exceptions. What you can do exactly as a free member varies per dating website.

The exact information about what a free member can be found on the website of the dating party concerned.

What are the costs?

Of course, not everyone is looking for a paid dating site. In the dating comparator you can see exactly what the possible costs of a membership are.

With this membership you can use (almost) all functions and often also send and view unlimited messages as well as view all photos. Do the dating test to find out which dating site fits the conditions you set.

Safety and reliability

If you compare the dating sites next to each other, you will find out which dating site best suits your personal situation. The dating sites that we compare have a good name and do everything to make dating as safe as possible .

If you are unsure whether a dating site can be trusted then you can look at a number of aspects and verify this with the dating site itself.

Reliable dating sites are usually registered with the  Dutch Data Protection Authority  and may carry the  Thuiswinkel  guarantee.

A number of dating sites may also carry the Safe Approval Certificate . This is a quality mark that was created by seven leading dating sites.

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