Conspiracy theorists are creating their own dating sites

If you’ve ever cringed after scrolling through Tinder and seeing pro-vaccine, pro-Earth, pro-moon landing messages, we’ve got good news for you.

Conspiracy theorists are getting their own dating site, so they’ll never have to worry about accidentally making the two-backed beast with someone who believes in reality.

The site launched in Germany last month and they said vice they already saw 1,500 tinfoil hat users sign up in just three weeks.

To sign up, you must answer stock standard dating preferences, questions, and add a bio.

Credit: Tero Vesalainen / Alamy

They must also reveal what conspiracy theories they believe in, including the coronavirus, QAnon and the New World Order.

Users must also reveal which news sources they consume, the number of times they have had Covid-19 and how they think the future of the world will play out in the coming decades.

The site was created by a guy called Captain Future (yes, really).

Captain Future, real name Michael Bründel, is a well-known German conspiracy theorist who advocated against lockdowns to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

He explained to her vice which led him to create a dating site for conspiracy theorists.

“You wouldn’t understand each other [when] you look at the world so differently,” Bründel said.

“Different views on Corona have broken many old friendships and relationships, but often also created new ones.”

He then brought up the “spill” which is an absolute load of poppycock claiming that vaccinated people posed a threat to the unvaccinated by harmfully “disposing” of the vaccine.

Because it’s not like vaccines have eradicated things like smallpox, which has pretty much died out thanks to inoculations.

How this would happen if vaccines “disappeared” like dogs is beyond us.

This guy wants to help conspiracy theorists find love.  Credit: dpa picture alliance / AlamyThis guy wants to help conspiracy theorists find love. Credit: dpa picture alliance / Alamy

He believes that “lateral thinkers will soon be dominant” because “nobody wants to admit they’re wrong.”

“The division will end when the truth is out and those responsible are brought to justice,” he said.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorist dating sites have caused concern for Amadeu Antonio Siftung, an anti-extremism group in Berlin.

Group researcher Nicholas Potter said vice the conspiracy ideologies promoted by the likes of Bründel pose a risk both to themselves and to society.

He said they could “alienate people from their social environments as friends and family refuse to accept their increasingly wild claims about chemtrails, 5G and chips in vaccines”.

He added: “They then seek comfort among like-minded people. This can lead to a spiral of radicalisation.”

In the words of Brooklyn 99’s Jake Peralta: “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt.”

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