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University of Otago student Sophie Dix asks young rural men to tell her about their dating habits.

Ms. Dix (22), from Warepa, South Otago, studies sociology. For her master’s thesis, she investigated the perceptions of rural men, aged 18 to 30, about dating.

“I want to understand how rural life affects dating and relationships,” she said.

One motivation for writing a 40,000 word thesis was the lack of research on the topic.

Dating research focused primarily on people living in urban areas.

“I think it’s really important that we listen more to these rural perspectives.”

Men could live anywhere in New Zealand, but they had to be raised or living in a rural area and they didn’t have to be farmers.

She was interested in hearing from men who had experienced the dating scene in rural and urban areas to find out if there were any perceived differences.

I had to interview 12 men.

Questions asked included how often they dated, how they found the experience, and whether they used online dating apps such as Tinder.

All information was confidential, so he was limited in what he could reveal, including whether any of the interviewees were from the South.

Finding men to participate had been difficult, Ms. Dix said.

One reason could be that some rural men had difficulty sharing their feelings and talking about themselves.

The interviews usually lasted about 40 minutes and could be done by video conference or in person.

In return, participants will receive a supermarket voucher.

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