Dating app to submit jobs? Man Lands Interview on Bumble With HR, Internet Says…

In the world of layoffs and moonlighting, one man decided to show up for a job interview with his Bumble date! Yes, a screenshot of the conversation showing the gentleman pitching for an interview with his match, who happens to be the hiring manager of a startup, has created a buzz online. Netizens call Bumble “the new LinkedIn.” While sharing his story on Twitter, the person wrote: “You use LinkedIn for jobs I use Bumble, we are not the same bro.” Dating app Bumble is closing offices and giving all staff a week of paid time off to combat stress.

Check out their conversation:

you use LinkedIn for jobs i use bumble we are not the same bro 😭

— adnaan (@theadnaankhan) January 22, 2023


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, hard times 😭😂

— adnaan (@theadnaankhan) January 22, 2023

Twitter users on fire!

Hello friend, I left with feelings 😭😭

— adnaan (@theadnaankhan) January 22, 2023

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