Dating Safety Tips

Be careful


dating safety

Sending messages is the most important part of online dating and also the most fun.

The smileys, sweet and nice messages from other singles is what you do it for.

Sometimes the conversation is difficult and you do not know what to say while the other conversation is effortless.

The conversation can lead from daily cows and calves to an in-depth discussion about feelings and emotions.

This is the fun of online dating; you never know who you come across. While it is good to be personal with the other person, it is always important to think about your own safety.

Dating sites safety

If you are going to be dating via the internet, it can be risky wherever you go.

Dating online is the favorite way for millions of people around the world to get to know new people.

The majority of them are very happy with the results. Many relationships have started through a meeting on the internet. But is dating online safe too? That is not always the case.

The same, however, is also the case for normal dating. After all, you never know for sure whether your date is as it is.

The dating sites that are considered safe are the following.

These dating sites comply with all requirements such as the Thuiswinkel certificate, member of the seal of approval and manually check all profiles that are registered.

Homeshop guarantee

To indicate that a webshop is safe to make purchases, there is the Thuiswinkel guarantee.

This guarantee has been created to counter fraud by webshops. Only when the webshop meets a long string of requirements will it receive a certification from the Thuiswinkel organization.

This allows everyone to assume that purchases on the website are safe and trusted. A number of reliable dating sites have received a Thuiswinkel certificate which supports these secure payments.

Whether a dating site carries a Thuiswinkel guarantee can be seen on the website, but the Thuiswinkel logo is usually mentioned on the dating site.

Trade association Singles Keurmerk

A slightly different branch of sport than the normal dating sites are the websites for relationship mediation. Here too there is a quality mark with a trade association.

The mediation agencies that are allowed to wear this quality mark can be seen as reliable and provide a good service. Different mediation agencies may carry the quality mark and usually mention this on the website with the logo of the quality mark.

  • What can you tell?

It is important that you never reveal your identity and personal details.

Especially when you live in a small village you can quickly be found. Generally give only the residence and your first name.

That is enough for the person to know. It is not necessary to say in which street you live and what your address is.

If you have only just spoken to each other then that is not important. Keep all information about your exact address, employer, telephone number and other personal details secret for the other person.

Never give financial details to the other person. If the other person tells you all kinds of personal information, then it is not necessary to do the same. Keep your own data secret.

Do not release personal details too quickly

If you are looking for a suitable date, you will meet many people on the internet who will be interested.

Do not let anyone know immediately where you live or where you work. That kind of personal matters are applicable for later.

Give your phone number only to the person you actually want to meet. In general, do not give personal details too quickly to people before you have spoken more often.

What can not you discuss?

If you speak to people who live in a different place or have a different religion, then it is wise to be careful with what you say.

Take into account subjects that may be sensitive to the person. Certain prejudices about the place where the other person lives can be sensitive. Be aware that everyone is different and not everyone thinks the same.

Send tips for safe messages

  • Protect your identity
  • Ask for multiple photos
  • Do not be pressured
  • Never send money to the other person
  • Report all unwanted messages
  • Watch contradictory stories of the other person
  • Never send bank details or credit card information

How do you get a better picture?

There are many singles on online dating sites that only use one photo. It is then very difficult to get a good picture of the other person.

If the photo only shows the face, you do not know what the body looks like. This is important to know if you only fall on slim while the person has a few pounds too much.

The same applies to professional photos. These often give a distorted view of what the person looks like in real life.

Ask for more photos of birthdays, parties and other activities so you can get a better picture of what the other person looks like. For example, most people have more photos on Facebook.

be careful dating online

What to pay attention to?

If the person first says to have a brother, but a few days later only a sister, then something is wrong.

Look for imperfections in the other person’s story. Unfortunately, it happens regularly that people are active on online dating sites that adopt a new and non-existent identity. If you notice that the other person is lying about certain things, be extremely careful.

The same applies if the person quickly declares your love.

This tactic is often used by scammers and people who are angry.

Take plenty of time

Do not let yourself be pushed or rushed by someone else. Give yourself time to get to know the other person.

It is not a race.

If the person is worth it then he understands that you really want to think about it. It is good to not be short of yourself by making decisions too quickly that you later regret.

The longer and more often you speak to someone, the better you get to know the person.

Report undesirable behavior

It is possible on almost every dating site to report another member for undesirable behavior.

This is not intended to burden other people who do not do much wrong. If you come across one or more of the following points, you can report the person to the dating site:

  • Racist comments
  • Unwanted sexual comments
  • Ask for money
  • Sending spam messages
  • Nepprofiel of foto
  • Minor