Dating tip: Avoid talking about your ex with Iris Klein, suggests Yvonne Woelke

Iris Klein, mother of German reality TV star Daniela Katzenberger, is excited about her first date after separating from her husband of 20 years. Looks like she’s found a potential match on Tinder, who she’s going on a date with this Friday. However, the excitement of the upcoming date is mixed with a bit of drama as Yvonne Woelke, the woman Iris believes had an affair with her husband, posts dating advice on the same day.

Yvonne doesn’t explicitly mention or tag Iris, but the timing of her post seems too coincidental. Yvonne advises wearing a sexy outfit and not talking about exes on a date. She also reminds people not to post anything and to keep their phones off the table during the appointment. Some of his advice appears to be aimed at Iris, who recently sent Yvonne voicemails along with a compromising photo of her and her husband.

Iris responds to Yvonne’s advice on her Instagram story, saying she has more class than an adulteress, even if she brings a sack of potatoes to her date. She also defends her body, saying she gave birth to wonderful children, and is much more than a cold shell with no character. Iris also asserts that she would never destroy a married man’s marriage and family, as only “whores” do that.

The cheating drama between Peter Klein, Iris’ ex-husband, and Yvonne Woelke, the fellow jungler she fell in love with during jungle camp, continues. Although Iris is excited about her date, she can’t escape the lingering feelings of betrayal and hurt caused by the affair. The drama seems far from over, and we can expect more twists and turns in this scandalous saga.

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