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The weather is slowly but surely turning from refreshingly cold to bitterly cold, so students are treated to their last few days of fall hikes before Thanksgiving break and the eventual seasonal demise of the “hike of hot girls.”

Podcasts are the best way to fully focus on your walk and disconnect from the stress of everyday life and anxiety during the approaching finals season.

The Toast

Not only is “The Toast” the most successful millennial morning show, but it would blow any network morning show out of the water with humor, personality and visibility.

“The Toast” is hosted by two New York born and raised sisters, Jackie and Claudia Oshry, who are equal parts fun and hilarious. They offer listeners different lifestyles to engage with different viewers. Claudia Oshry is a New York star who loves to talk about her escapades in the city’s club scene and her personal friendships with fabulous influencers. Jackie Oshry is a new mom who keeps listeners updated on all things life in the suburbs of Boca Raton, Florida.

“The Toast” airs daily on weekdays with the sisters first bringing listeners up to speed on events in their own lives. Then they move on to the “Fast Five,” which are the five biggest pop culture stories of the day. Jackie and Claudia Oshry are hysterical and often make beautiful shots that are right on the money.

“The Toast” is the perfect choice for a walk to start the day and an excellent substitute for stale morning show alternatives on TV.

Match made in Manhattan

“Match Made in Manhattan” is a romantic comedy in podcast form, which could be the biggest development of the 21st century.

It’s organized by three 20-year-olds from New York City who surf the city’s shark tank. The trio is led by graphic designer and YouTube and Instagram influencer Katy Bellotte. She’s never been in love and is on a quest to find her match with the help of best friends and podcast co-hosts Adam Harrison and Colbie Cassidy.

From being ghosted by investment bankers to going to Fire Island, New York with married men to messaging nightmares on the dating app Hinge, the hosts share it all. They make anyone traveling through online dating these days feel less alone. This podcast works as a series, so any interested listener should start from the first episode and listen to the most recent episode.

Instead of re-watching “Sex and the City” for the fifth time, listen to “Match Made in Manhattan” to find some solace in the fact that dating is a minefield, even for those who seem to have it all the rest solved.


“Poured Over” is the ultimate nerd podcast for when listeners are looking for intellectual stimulation on afternoon walks around Cook’s campus or New Brunswick’s Buccleuch Park.

“Poured Over” is hosted and created by the sharp and sharp Miwa Messer, and is the official podcast of Barnes & Noble. During each episode, Messer interviews a different author about their best-selling novel. It gives readers a glimpse into the creativity behind their favorite stories and answers their biggest questions after they finish the book.

Messer is a curious interviewer who always asks the right questions and never fails to interview the most compelling authors. The best part is that listeners don’t have to read the book the author is being interviewed about. Episodes often delve into more than just a discussion of the book. Episodes become philosophical commentary on themes and topics explored by readers, which would be interesting to any podcast listener.

“Poured Over” is like an old book, a warm coffee shop, and a roaring fireplace in a podcast that’s perfect for mission walkers to get lost in their thoughts with a little inspiration.


In the comedy podcast competition, “SmartLess” wins in a big way. It’s hosted by veteran comedians Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes, and weekly episodes feature high-profile guests like President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Tom Hanks, and LeBron James, just to name a few.

This podcast has a typical interview style, where each episode highlights a different celebrity and the hosts ask them juicy questions you’ve never heard them answer before. What makes this podcast different from the overabundance of other podcasts is how genuinely hilarious the hosts are and how genuine their friendship is.

All three men are known for their work on sitcoms like “Arrested Development” and “Will & Grace,” so their comedic timing, playful bits and comedic impressions are well-practiced for the podcast. Listening to “SmartLess” on foot is the answer to successfully decompressing after a tough exam or a particularly busy day.

Miss Simpatia with Eli Rallo

This podcast is hosted by TikTok and Instagram influencer (and soon to be author) Rallo. It’s a mix of podcast styles that never fails to be entertaining.

Rallo gained popularity during the quarantine with his TikTok account “The Jarr”, which chronicled the life of his family’s snack jar. After gaining followers for videos of her and her brother’s snack choices for the day, Rallo continued to grow her accounts with personal videos about her work in journalism, her life in New York City and her hopes of becoming a published author.

Fast forward to the present day, and Rallo is currently in the editing stages of his first book and talks about the process of writing and publishing the book on his podcast, among other things. “Miss Congeniality with Eli Rallo” is not only a look into Rallo’s life, but also a look into his brain as he discusses topics of his mind such as body positivity, coping mechanisms for anxiety, tips for to appointments and more important matters. This podcast is fun. and it often feels like a breath of fresh air that would make great listening during any kind of hike.

There are countless podcasts to choose from across all listening platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to listen to these crowd-pleasing podcasts as you soak up the last few weeks of fall leaves on campus.

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