Diplo’s revelation makes me rethink how human sexuality works – Jana Hocking

The mind is a curious thing. Just when you think you have the full scope of things, like your sexuality, life throws you a curveball.

And no, before you sit down early, this isn’t a “coming out” article, there’s a new sexuality term that has left me scratching my head and pondering a lot.

You see, just when I had wrapped my head around all the letters of the LGBTQIA+ alphabet (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/queer, intersex, asexual, for those of you wondering), a other in the mix, and I’ll be honest…it took a while to sink in, but once I did I had a bit of a conflicted opinion.

It’s called Abrosexual and it’s fascinating!

Jana HockingJana Hocking wonders if everyone is a little abrosexual. @jana_hocking/ Instagram

According to the googlesphere, it is defined as: someone who has changes in their sexual orientation over time.

For example, a person who is abrosexual may be sexually attracted to men at one point, and then to women weeks later.

They can also have periods of different attraction intensities.

For example, they may find themselves asexual for a short time and then enjoy sex again.

Their sexual preferences fall under the umbrella of “fluid” terms.

Now here’s my controversial opinion: Aren’t we all a little abrosexual?

This week, famous DJ Diplo, had a very open and frank talk with Emily Ratajkowski on her High Low with Em Rata podcast where she candidly revealed that she’s had oral sex from a guy before, but doesn’t consider herself gay.

He even claimed, “Getting a blowjob from a guy isn’t gay!”

Jana HockingJana Hocking says an abrosexual is someone whose sexuality changes over time. Instagram/Jana Hocking

The comments section of the millions of articles covering this revelation exploded. People were so perplexed by his statement.

But when you read the definition of abrosexual, it sounds like what was going on.

For a while, she enjoyed the sexual pleasure that a male gave her. Then he went back to enjoying the sexual pleasure of women.

Now you’re probably thinking, wait, doesn’t that make him bisexual? No.

Because the difference between bisexuals and abrosexuals is that people who are bi tend to be more fluid.

They can fall in love with either sex at any time, while the abrosexual comes in phases.

So one day they may feel straight and the next day they may feel gay. Confusing right?

DiploDiplo recently revealed on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast that he had received oral sex from a man. emrata / Tiktok

But isn’t life just confusing in general?

This term just goes to show that everyone’s sexuality is complex and unique, and life doesn’t always fit into the traditional box we’re told it does.

Now take my life for example, I’ve definitely sat on the abrosexual side of things before. You see, for a brief moment I thought I might be bisexual.

I was always a little curious, so I did what anyone with a thirst for life does, felt an itch and scratched.

I went out and experimented with someone I thought I might be in love with.

Spoiler alert, once I tried it, I soon realized that women are not my sexual preference, but who’s to say that curious feeling won’t return later in life?

I even had a brief moment in my 30s where my libido just packed up and left.

On reflection, I think it might have been because I worked breakfast radio hours, even though I maintained a social life.

This type of lifestyle left me completely exhausted and wondering why I had no interest in sex, but technically this falls under the definition of abrosexual.

Now, if you reflect deeply on your own long and interesting life, can’t you see moments in time when you were a little sexually perplexed?

For all the derision these sexual terms get, they do a great job of summarizing how many people view their own sexuality.

As I always say, sexuality is a spectrum, not a simple “gay” or “straight” answer.

There are those who sit firmly on the “straight” side of things, and those who sit firmly on the “gay” side of things, and then there are plenty of people sitting in the gray area in between.

For me, I’m glad that more and more people feel comfortable talking about it openly and confidently.

So, bravo Diplo, here’s to normalizing this gray area. Hopefully, it makes fewer people feel weird about their sexual preferences and realize that they are actually very normal!

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