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New Delhi: Disney Star Network has announced the launch of two new Hindi movie channels, Star Gold Thrills and Star Gold Romance, under Star Gold Network. These will be available for subscription from 15 March 2023 on cable networks, HITS (headend-in-the-sky), IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and DTH (direct-to-home) platforms.

Star Gold Thrills will be dedicated to action, adventure-fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi films and franchises from Marvel and DC, Mission Impossible, Godzilla, X-Men, Transformers, Die Hard, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. The film titles will be curated by studios like Disney, Twentieth Century Studios, Warner Bros, Sony and Paramount, for the first time in Hindi.

Star Gold Romance will be the destination for modern blockbusters from Bollywood, South Cinema and Hollywood.

“Audiences today have a keen interest in blockbuster films from around the world, but language remains a barrier for many. Research highlights that 68% of film audiences TV movies expressed their preference to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi and we are excited to break the language barrier and present movies that our audience wants to watch with Star Gold Thrills,” Kevin Vaz, Head of ‘net entertainment. channels, Disney Star said in a statement.

“Female viewers consistently show a greater affinity for romance- and drama-led Hindi films, but there is no female-targeted film destination on television. In fact, 98% of female TV movie watchers would prefer a new Hindi movie channel dedicated to love and romance, and that makes Star Gold Romance a strong proposition,” he added.

Media experts said the direct-to-digital release of movies during two years of the pandemic has led to longer windows for satellite TV releases, leading to less audience interest . The price of movie rights for satellite TV itself has fallen by 30-40% in the past two years, as even broadcasters with streaming platforms like to release new movies on OTT first. Foreign platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also invest big money for digital premieres.

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