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Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) came out as a lesbian shortly after her arrival in Emmerdale. to the initial surprise of his daughter, Rhona (Zoe Henry). Mary then said she had a loving friendship with her neighbor that at one point she hoped would turn into something more, but the neighbor died of covid.

Since then, Mary hasn’t been romantically involved, barring a drunken kiss with Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick), and as far as Mary is concerned, this embarrassing episode is best forgotten.

So in an effort to try and meet that special someone, he’s decided to try dating apps, but he’s finding it a bit difficult. Their first date is a disappointment when it turns out that she is nothing like the Mary she expects. She decides to give it a try, but knows it won’t go anywhere.

Mary decides she’s going to try the dating app again, but this time the result is even worse than the first because they don’t even show up.

Ready to give up, Mary confides in Kim (Claire King) about her terrible experience so far. When Mary first came out, she and Kim struck up a lovely friendship that we’re excited to see more of, and so is Louise Jameson.

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“I love that they made Kim, another very strong woman, more vulnerable when they’re with each other,” she told us last year. “It’s like the only place you’re safe is with another very strong woman, you can let your guard down and not be so strong. I think it’s a very interesting piece of writing.”

So what does Kim advise? Mary just needs to be more confident, she says, she’s never lacked that particular quality.

Will channeling Kim’s confidence go well for Mary? As he prepares his third date, we can only wait.

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