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New technologies have made it possible for people to find partners using these electronic media, but Internet users must be careful with the risks involved, as demonstrated by the viral case of a young man who was extorted by publishing his intimate photos after getting scammed on dating app Tinder.

One of the crimes that has grown the most in recent years, along with the increased use of virtual platforms and applications, has been cyberfraud and cyberfraud. Another victim of this was the protagonist of the following viral story.

It was through the Social network TikTok where a young man announced how he was extorted by a criminal after they were chatting through the app Tinder.

According to the netizen’s statements on the viral tiktok, once the conversation heated up, he and the alleged woman he was talking to decided to exchange intimate photos.

After he sent her intimate photos on Tinder, the alleged young woman asked him for hers Facebookand after sending the link to his Meta virtual platform profile, he received a message where he They demanded a certain amount of money, threatening that if he did not hand it over, they would expose him as a child molester through his intimate photos..

“Warning this guy is sick. He sends this kind of stuff to 14 year old girls and threatens their life if they don’t send him the same. Help me share so he doesn’t keep doing what he does to them,” said the message

Also, the tiktoker announced that, after this first message, a man wrote to him to assure him that if he sent the money he would delete the message and the photographs. He even sent evidence of previous extortions he had made.

Faced with this, and with the fear of being exposed as an alleged harasser of minors, the young man decided that it was best to deposit money with the extortionist, but also took screenshots of the conversations and bank details, with the ‘objective of presenting a claim to the competent authorities.

“What scared me the most was how I was going to manage the issue of harassment in the morrilas. It’s a very strong subject and I honestly don’t know how I would have done it. I plucked up my courage and told my contacts on Insta,” she said.

After informing her closest circle about the matter, she wrote to the scammer and told him to post the images, because his closest contacts were already aware of what had happened.

“I thought I understood them and had empathy and put myself in their shoes, but how wrong I was. Right now I feel it first hand and it feels like shit,” he said of the empathy he began to feel with the women who have leaked his intimate photos and videos.

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Finally, the tiktoker urged internet users that if they use dating apps, they should do so responsibly to avoid falling into extortion and scams.

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