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“Bachelorette” alum on “The Today Show”

Could ‘The Today Show’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ be teaming up? Some fans think they should. “The Today Show,” aka “Today,” which is currently hosted by Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, has long been a staple of morning television on NBC. The show premiered in 1952, according to IMDBand it has been going strong for decades.

Tyler Cameron made a big impression

Tyler Cameron was on season 15 of “The Bachelorette” where he was Hanna Brown’s runner-up. On Friday, Sept. 16, Bachelor Nation alum Cameron appeared on “Today” for his “relationship dilemmas” segment. A teaser on Instagram showed Kotb and Hager unable to focus on their work while Cameron straightened his jacket. The words “When Tyler Cameron is in the studio…” appeared on the screen, with googly eyes and fire emojis.

The hosts announced that they invited Cameron because they thought it was time to get a man’s perspective on relationship dilemmas, and since he had been on national television, it seemed like the perfect choice.

WATCH Cameron on “Today”

Tyler Cameron addresses the dating dilemmas of Today viewers‘The Bachelorette’ star Tyler Cameron joins TODAY to offer advice on relationship dilemmas and answer viewers’ romance questions. » Subscribe to Today with Hoda & Jenna: » Watch TODAY all day: About: Friendship, fun and laughter! America’s early morning show with big stars and sweet surprises. Hoda and Jenna inspire and empower with…2022-09-16T16:00:13Z

During the segment, Cameron offered her top dating tip, which is to learn from rejection and remember that it “will only get you one step closer to where you want to be.” Cameron proceeded to give dating advice to callers with specific questions about their relationships.

According to Ace TV shows“For the most part, viewers at home admit they absolutely freaked out when they saw him on their TV screens. And they absolutely wanted Hoda and Jenna to pull some strings to get this man back as a regular on the show.

The outlet continued: “In the comments, both those who were familiar with Tyler Cameron and those who had never seen him before were swooning over him. Some joked that George Clooney should move because there was a new man in the city… A few viewers pointed out that Jenna and Hoda with Tyler Cameron was such a vibe and that they wanted MORE than just an hour of him on the show.

Ace TV Shows also reported: “Others joked that this gorgeous hunk of man meat was EXACTLY the spice the show was missing. Some begged higher-ups at The Today Show to consider offering him a spot as a regular member of the cast”.

Some fans were unhappy with Kotb and Hager

While most fans praised Cameron’s presence on the show, according to The Sun, some viewers “were not happy with the women’s behavior in front of their guest.” According to the channel, some viewers thought that if the roles were reversed and the male hosts swooned over a female guest, there would be a huge outcry. They asked Kotb and Hager to “do better.”

Most of the responses to the Instagram post, however, were about how hot users thought Cameron was. A fan wrote“Couldn’t concentrate or talk,” followed by several fire emojis.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful!” commented another.

Another user posted, “I’ve never heard of him!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️. Now I have to google his name!!!” Posts like this reiterate a point from TV Shows Ace: “not everyone who watches The Today Show also watches stuff from the Bachelor franchise. So, there were a lot of viewers who had no idea who Tyler was… Considering that The Today Show might tap into the audience of the Bachelor Nation franchise, it might not be a horrible idea to bring up – to bring him for more regular appearances in the program. “.

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