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Photo illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios. Photo: Grindr

Patrick Lenihan he has held strategic communications roles at Google and Goldman Sachs and has advised dozens of growth-stage companies. Now he’s helping to reshape one of the world’s most popular dating apps, Grindr.

Why it matters: 2022 is about taking Grindr public, and 2023 is about “going public” by reclaiming the company’s narrative and building its reputation, Lenihan tells Axios.

“Communications plays such a crucial role in what Grindr is trying to do in this next era. It’s about addressing and dissipating the reputational debt we’ve built up over the last 13 years by helping people better understand what it does application and the community it serves.”

💡 The role of communicators on Grindr: Lenihan is Grindr’s first communications executive and reports directly to the CEO.

“Our job is to say, ‘What are we trying to do?’ then translate it into specifically stimulating language, establish the audience and the place, and execute the work to create internal and external environments that allow a company to achieve those goals, using the tools we need.” “At Grindr, we must speak not only through the lens of being a business and technology company, but one that serves a historically underserved and marginalized community. And we need to make sure we’re speaking to our users in an authentic and queer way.”

🤔 The most surprising thing about the job: Time spent on internal communications and investor relations.

“Communications are no longer one-way… You can’t even see 360 ​​degrees. To do the job properly you have to think spherical 4πr2.”

🌟 Communicator model: Clinton White House press secretary and former Goldman Sachs communications chief Jake Siewert.

“I learned a lot at Google, but Goldman Sachs is where I really started to understand how words and relationships can be used to drive business returns, and Jake is a master at that,” Lenihan said.

📈Trend Watch: Advanced content distribution strategies.

“You could have the best content, the best story in the world, but if you can’t get it out there, no one will know.”

📱Preferred social media platform: LinkedIn.

📚 De-stressing routine: “I Always aim to read one book a week, every year. Reading helps me develop new ideas and is where I go for creativity.”

Currently reading: “The Sabbath” by Abraham Joshua Heschel.

🧠 Best tip: “Find someone you want to learn from… That’s more important than where you work.”

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