Getting the vaccine in Amsterdam + shopping | Life in The Netherlands in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

In today’s Vlog, I share the experience of getting the vaccine in The Netherlands and the aftermath. I also take you guys to spend a Saturday shopping with me in the city!

Getting the vaccine in Amsterdam + shopping + Matcha latte | Life in The Netherlands after the lockdown

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Places mentioned in the video:
– Rai convention center
– Kalverstraat
– Uniqlo
– Arket
– Matcha Mafia


► A day in my life in Amsterdam:

► The best day trip from Amsterdam:

► Experience the crazy Dutch Climate with me:

► Visiting the famous Tulip fields:

In today’s vlog I bring you along on a weekend in my life in Amsterdam. We start the video on Friday, the day we took our first dose of the vaccine. I show you guys what the experience is like and how we felt afterwards. If you want more information about the vaccine in The Netherlands, have a look at the website of the Dutch institute for public health:
After that experience, we need new clothes for an upcoming trip so I take you along to Amsterdam’s main shopping street, the Kalverstraat. Then we visit one of the most popular Matcha cafés in the city, the Matcha Mafia.
If you are an expat moving to Amsterdam, or just curious to know how things over here in The Netherlands are going after the lockdown in Amsterdam, I hope you can take something valuable from this video. I always try to add useful and interesting information in my vlogs, so be sure to hit the like button if you want to support my channel. When you hit the like, there’s more chances YouTube will recommend my videos to more people! 🙂

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