Here comes Proton Drive, the most secure cloud file storage service: how smart technology changes lives

It took three years of development, and the participation of Proton community users in the beta phase, for today to reach the public launch of Proton drive, its secure and encrypted cloud storage service, marking a new milestone on a mission to provide safer tools for Internet users.

From Proton they claim that Drive, Unlike other similar services, it protects files and metadata with end-to-end encryption with cryptographic signatures, aiming to be the most secure file storage service on the Internet, while also combining its ease of use.

Not just another alternative

This release comes months before Amazon Drive’s promised shutdown, scheduled for January 2023, takes place. shaping up not just as an alternative, but in Proton’s eyes, the best possible option for cloud file storage.

Proton is aware of the sensitive information that users end up with in the files they generate on a regular basis, from tens to hundreds every week, and that they usually choose to save locally on a single device (and that it can happen the loss of the same, with the loss of these files), or save them in the cloud (with the disadvantage that, and to a greater extent in large technology companies, they can be shared with government authorities, as is the case of China).


Proton Drive offers a better alternative. By using end-to-end encryption, we can provide the privacy of offline storage and the convenience and reliability of cloud storage. With Proton Drive, you’ll always be able to access your files (even if you lose your laptop or phone), but thanks to our encryption, Proton Drive is like a Swiss safe for your data.

Although it may seem familiar, Proton points out that they will also not be able to access the hosted files, only the users themselves and those who are expressly authorized. As they state:

Our goal with Proton Drive was not to create just another encrypted file storage service, but to create a service that addresses the shortcomings of existing offerings and that you can trust.

Storage, depending on the rate mode, continues as follows: Free account users will have 1GB of storage; Drive Plus users will get 200GB at a price of €3.99 per month (or €47.88 per year; and Proton Unlimited users with 300GB of storage at a price of €9.99 per month (or 119.88 euros per year).

More information: Proton

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