Here’s Why Sam Smith Quit Tinder and Hinge – Pride

Sorry gays and them, “Unholy” singer-songwriter Sam Smith isn’t on dating apps, but not by choice.

In a new interview withET CanadaSmith shared that while the non-binary icon “never made Grindr,” they actually ripped off a couple of other popular dating apps.

“I did Tinder once,” Smith revealed. “I think they kicked me off Tinder. They kicked me off the hinge because they thought I wasn’t me.”

This has happened to quite a few celebrities. Other users think they are cheeky catfish and report them, and once you reach a certain number of reports, the app will automatically suspend their profile. But to be fair, the Grammy winner said they “didn’t verify” their profiles.

“I should have,” Smith said.

Despite all the drama, Smith says they’ve “always been able to hang out” despite busy music careers. Seconds Page Sixthey are believed to be dating designer Christian Cowan from New York.

Anyway, if Smith had a dating profile, now they say they would have to proclaim their love for their dog Velma on it.

“She taught me to love,” Smith said. “I really feel like I don’t think I love anybody but my family and friends and stuff. She’s really taught me that. I miss her loads, by the way; I haven’t seen her in a while.”

Who is Sam Smith’s partner?

Smith is currently single, although she is believed to be dating New York designer Christian Cowan.

What’s so special about Sam Smith?

Smith is a singer-songwriter who first rose to fame with the songs “Latch” featuring Disclosure and “Stay With Me” in 2012. Since then, Smith has become a pop music icon worldwide

Is Sam Smith deaf?

No, the British singer-songwriter is not deaf.

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