How Does The Netherlands Feed The World? in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

You think of Amsterdam when you think of the economy of the Netherlands. The Dutch economy is so much more than that and in this video, we are going to explore Dutch agriculture and how it became the best in the world.

The Netherlands economy has long been based off trade and openness. The first stock market was invented in the Netherlands. Netherlands has long been a big player in free trade across the globe. Like most developed countries, it started to move away from farming. But Dutch agriculture was here to stay and thankfully, Dutch agriculture provides a massive boost to the Netherlands economy.

In the 1970s when the economy of the Netherlands was booming, companies like Shell and Phillips were just taking off. Dutch agriculture was struggling to entice people to stay in farming. The Dutch Government decided to support the industry by encouraging productivity gains and promoting collaboration with the University of Wageningen. It was the University of Wageningen that helped turn the Dutch economy into an agricultural powerhouse.

You see, Dutch agriculture couldn’t compete on land mass or wages. They had to find another way and up stepped technology. Thanks to the university of Wageningen, food valley was created. This is an agricultural cluster made up of the university and lots of private sector businesses within agriculture. It provides a massive boost to the Netherlands economy thanks to enticing foreign students and producing a large chunk of exports.

Thanks to the work of the University of Wageningen, the Dutch economy is one of the largest exporters of food globally. It is the leader in the European Union and it is second to the USA in the world. Not only this, but the economy of the Netherlands is proof that economic growth and environmentalism can come hand in hand. Thanks to the innovation, producing a kilo of tomatoes in the Netherlands uses significantly less water than it does in the USA.

The economy of the Netherlands is truly amazing. An open, trading nation that has some of the best perks that anyone could want. But it is so much more than Amsterdam. Dutch agriculture is a world leader and I think it is important that people know that. The Netherlands economy would be so much worse off without it.

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