How is Tom Cruise’s relationship with Jonathan Lipnicki today – Nicki Swift

Although it’s been decades since Jonathan Lipnicki starred in big productions like “Jerry Maguire” and “Stuart Little,” he hasn’t given up on his acting career, especially since he has Tom Cruise rooting for him. According to the actor, he still keeps in touch with the “Top Gun” star and was once invited to Cruise’s home for career guidance.

“I went to his house because I actually cold-called his office at United Artists and asked him for advice and, you know, he got back to me and I left,” Lipnicki said. Access Hollywood in 2017. “He attributes a lot of his success to being on time, being polite to people and knowing people’s names, and it was amazing to sit down with one of your favorite actors and have an hour-long conversation about interpretation.”

Cruise remains Lipnicki’s mentor to this day, offering guidance whenever she needs it. “He’s always said if you have any questions, the door is always open and he’s always been very responsive and helpful,” Lipnicki shared with the daily mail. Cruise even expressed interest in Lipnicki’s life, including the type of car he drives. “I had a new car, I had a ’67 Mustang for a while, and [Cruise] I wanted to see it, so I sent him a picture of it,” Lipnicki recalled. “He’s a cool guy!”

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