How The Netherlands Contributes 0% to Climate Change! in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

How This Country Has 0% Pollution!

Every country boasts of its heritage and architecture, but the Netherlands is totally on a different scale. When you think of the Netherlands, it strikes you as a country that has a class of its own. It should not surprise you that some countries around the world look up to the Netherlands for its stellar infrastructure.

Apart from the colorful bulb fields, the serene windmills, the calm canals, and of course – the cheese, if there is something Holland is known for, it’s what creates the Dutch culture shock, aka the millions of bicycles that grace the country.

Yes!! The Netherlands is famous for its bike paths. Although small, the country is still pretty populated; The Netherlands is the most populated with 17.4 million people with most of its inhabitants living in the larger cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Today, we’re going to give you a sense of what living in the Netherlands looks like and if moving to the Netherlands is worth it.

There are about 23 million bikes roaming the streets of the Netherlands. This means there are 1.3 bikes for every person. With all the bicycles and a pretty reliable transport system, you get an amazing public transport which is both smooth and efficient. So how is it that cycling took up the prime spot?

The Dutch infrastructure is so well thought of, that getting around the place on a mere bike will come across as the easiest and best means to commute. They have done a stupendous job at executing some of the best infrastructures in the world, which is rightly complemented by the scenic beauty the country has to offer.

0:00 – Introduction to the Netherlands
0:42 – The Dutch cycling habit
1:41 – Advantages of cyclers in the country
2:24 – How the Dutch biking culture set in
3:46 – Fines for not following the rules
4:34 – Conclusion

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