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As one of the leading dating apps since its launch in 2012, Tinder has a huge following. It has become part of popular culture around the world and has even appeared in movies and TV shows. Let’s get back to basics and talk about how to use Tinder.

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Using Tinder involves creating an account, filling out your profile, and then swiping to match with people. You’ll need a phone with a working phone number to start your Tinder profile, and you must also allow Tinder to access your location.


How to create a Tinder account

After installing Tinder, the first thing you need to do is create an account. Let’s quickly review the steps.

1.) Launch the Tinder app. From the login screen, tap SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE, SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOKor SIGN IN WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER. We are using the Facebook method for this guide. 2.) If you connect to Facebook, allow Tinder to access your profile. 3.) Under My number is, enter your device’s phone number. 4.) Tinder will send a confirmation code to the specified phone number. Enter this code below My code is. 5.) Tap I AGREE on the Tinder page “Please follow these house rules.” 6.) Select your genre below I am a. If you don’t see your gender identified, tap MONTH and select from the list. 7.) Under My sexual orientation is, choose the sexual orientation that best suits you. 8.) Under teach meselect WOMEN, MENor NO ONE. 9.) Under My school is, enter the name of your school. 10.) Under Interests, select up to five different things that interest you. This will be displayed on your profile and help you connect with people with similar interests. 11.) Tap ALLOW LOCATION to the Enable location page This will allow the Tinder app to use your device’s GPS location so you can match with people nearby. 12.) If you want to block someone, you can. However, you are limited to the people in your device’s contact list. 13.) Under We value your privacyfaucet I ACCEPT to finish the setup process and start using Tinder.

How to set up your Tinder profile

After creating your account, the next thing you want to do is set up your profile. You want to give other viewers a reason to want to connect with you, and you can’t do that if your Tinder profile is empty!

Go to the Profile tab at the far right of the bottom toolbar and tap EDIT PROFILE. Add visual aids to your profile using the + or ADD AVERAGE buttons These include photos and videos. In the About me section, add a biography. Under Interests, you can edit your interests. In Relationship goals, you can choose to show what you’re looking for on Tinder. Under Lifestyle, you can add more unique traits about yourself. For Work placement i company, you can choose to show more professional elements of your persona. Under school, you can add or change your training. The Living in The section is for adding your location. This can help people make a decision if you are nearby. You can choose to connect your Instagram account. Under my anthemyou can choose your favorite song or “anthem”. You can choose to connect Spotify to your account and showcase your best artists. I am, you can edit your gender. Under sexual orientationyou can add or change your sexual orientation.
Control your profile is for Tinder Plus users, which allows you to hide your age and distance. The fact that privacy controls are relegated to an area only accessible to paying subscribers seems like crap to me, personally.

How to use Tinder

In terms of primary features, Tinder is pretty barebones. Things are kept simple when it comes to matching, although there is plenty of “fluff” that can add to the experience. These would be things like Super Likes, Top Picks, Gold Hearts, and Subscription Packs.


Swiping is how you like someone’s Tinder profile. Since this is a dating app, only a connection or “match” is made if applicable. If two people like each other, they match and can chat within the app.

swipe right part 2 Tinder

To like someone, press anywhere and drag to the right; this is called swiping right. Alternatively, you can tap the green heart button on their profile.

swipe the right side 1 tinderswipe left part 2 Tinder

To fire someone, or “no” them, press anywhere and drag to the left; this is called swiping left. Alternatively, you can tap the red x button on their profile.

Matches and messages

match tab on Tinder

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Matching happens, as mentioned, when two users swipe right on each other. After this happens and a match has been made, you can go to games tab at the bottom of the interface. Here you can chat with all your matches.

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