Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have admitted that they worked together on the film Spirited

Ryan Reynolds recently revealed that Hugh Jackman gave him “great advice” for his upcoming film Spirited. The Deadpool star revealed that Spirited, which is based on a short story by Charles Dickens, features certain songs that are similar to those in Hugh Jackman’s blockbuster The Greatest Showman.

The Green Lantern star then got the idea to ask Hugh for some advice. Ryan stated in an interview with Big Issue via Metro UK that “it’s so natural to Hugh that, strangely, his help wasn’t helping”.

Hugh said: “Just make sure you listen to those accounts and those beats,” the Adam Project star continued. “I was like, ‘Man, I don’t listen to beats. Here, help me with something real.’

“Hugh did,” Ryan said. “Hugh and I were having coffee one day when he reminded me of something very important with pretty much anything you’re doing in the arts,” said the Free Guy actor. Just keep in mind to have fun, he advised, because if you’re having fun, so are we. “I had to remind myself of that all the time. I kept telling myself that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even when I felt so out of my element, which was pretty much daily,” Ryan said.

“And it extended far beyond this film to other facets of my life,” the actor continued. So this suggestion was generally sound. When Hugh and Ryan recently revealed that he would “return to his role as Wolverine” in the upcoming Deadpool movie, the news made headlines.

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