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In the season 8 premiere of I Am Jazz, transgender star Jazz Jennings makes a shocking announcement.

Much to the dismay of her mother Jeanette Jennings, Jazz is taking her difficult dating life into her own hands by joining dating apps!

I’m Jazz season 8

TLC’s hit series I Am Jazz premieres its eighth season on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

The show, which has followed Jennings since 2015, has been both championed and criticized for following a transgender subject through all his trials and tribulations. When the series began, Jennings was only 14 years old.

At the start of Season 8, Jazz is 22 years old and returning home after her first year alone at Harvard University.

Description for the new season promises drama:

After her first year at Harvard on her own, Jazz returns home to Florida for the summer and asserts her newfound independence. Jazz works to better assert herself in her social and dating life as she goes on several dates, including a speed dating event with her transgender friend Jojo, who now goes by the name Jaclyn. But ugly comments come out on Jazz’s dating app, and she realizes she’ll always have to fight the haters. As Jazz embarks on more social activities, her mental health issues come into play again, culminating in a breakdown. His mother tries to find the best way to support her young son, and on the advice of a psychic, Jeanette takes a step back so that Jazz can grow up. However, when Jazz receives a death threat when she returns to college, her parents step forward.

Jazz Jennings dating apps

If you caught this little nugget in the season 8 recap above, you’ll know that Jazz Jennings is taking her dating life into her own hands by joining dating apps!

Season 8 of I Am Jazz will debut on TLC on January 24, 2023

Immediately after hearing this, Jeanette’s mother is worried and asks “Did you think that was a good idea?”

In the eighth season episode one “A Night at the Selfie Museum”, Jazz announces that she has joined the apps and that her siblings are there to support the decision, as they themselves use the apps to find love

Jazz wants Jeannette’s support, but Mom isn’t having it, asking again “can you delete it?”

Why doesn’t Jeannette Jennings want Jazz on Tinder?

Jeannette has always been a protective mother. But she’s been even more protective of her transgender daughter Jazz.

Jennings’ parents seem to keep a close eye on her, even visiting her at Harvard University during her studies.

Jeannette opens up about her fears that Jazz is on Tinder, explaining that someone who can’t stand her lifestyle might ask her out and then “beat the crap out of her, or something.”

Jazz responds, admitting that it’s a “scary world for trans women,” but that ultimately, “you can’t live your life in fear when it comes to love.”

What will jazz fair be like on dating apps? Tune in to see it!

I Am Jazz airs Tuesday nights on TLC and is currently streaming Discovery+.

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