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I’m too hot for my date.

Good looks seem to guarantee someone a romantic partner. However, a TikTok influencer from California claims she is so hot that men won’t even date her because they are allegedly “intimidated” by her beauty. She lamented her “gorgeous” aesthetic in a TikTok video over 3.7 million views.

“Being unbelievably hot is honestly a curse,” Hope Schwing, 24, wrote in the clip as she described the difficulty of being supposedly too sweltering to handle. “No one talks about how hard it is to be literally so hot that you can’t get a friend because all the men are extremely scared and intimidated by you.”

The self-proclaimed “chronically single” Los Angeles native told Jam Press that she’s “never been in a serious relationship, except for ‘puppy love’ type things in high school that didn’t last more than a month “.

Hope Schwing claimed she was too hot to handle.Jam Press/@hope_schwing

Unfortunately, to the chagrin of embarrassing influencers everywhere, Schwing’s video was released in a satirical way. “The video that says I’m ‘too intimidating and hot,’ I don’t really mean that,” explained the comedy influencer, who has a 9.9 million followers on the platform. “Just a trend among women who say these things to explain why they’re single.”

Their romantic Rickroll comes as a growing number of models and social media influencers claim they are being punished for being “too pretty”, leading to them being repeatedly rejected from dating apps amid accusations of catfishing. Recently, Tahlia Paris, a 24-year-old Playboy model, claims that dating app Bumble deleted her profile despite her photos allegedly breaking no rules.

Indeed, as Schwing uploaded the video as a joke, the sentiment resonated with the masses online.

“The way you said this was satire but it’s not… like I literally feel this is true for me,” lamented one TikTok commenter.

Schwing flaunts her body in front of the camera.“Being unbelievably hot is honestly a curse,” Schwing declared.Jam Press/@hope_schwing

“This isn’t satire, it’s relatable,” seconded another, while one viewer declared: “You’re absolutely right.”

“I thought it was pretty obvious in my video that it was satire and I was being existential and dramatic, but clearly that wasn’t delivered,” Schwing said.

Fortunately, other commenters picked up on Schwing’s tongue-in-cheek tone with one poster saying, “It’s a blessing and a curse baby.”

“I will believe this to be true about myself because any other explanation will be my last straw,” one appalled poster stated.

“Convincing myself for this is why I’m single,” commented another.

Schwing empathizes with this unusual coping mechanism.

An image from the satirical clip.As it turned out, the video was posted as a joke.Jam Press/Vid

“It’s a more empowering, possibly fake, way of exaggerating ourselves and making light of being chronically single,” the Californian noted. “I’ve personally been told and heard women explain that they’re single because ‘the guy wants to be the hottest’ or ‘I’m too hot, I’m intimidating and scaring him’. things like that.”

Despite constantly joking about how she hates flying solo, Schwing says she’s comfortable being single for the foreseeable future.

“Since I’ve been independent all my life, I’m used to being single,” the funnywoman declared. “I don’t have a lot of dating experience because I don’t really have an urgency to date.”

Schwing added, “I’m a busy girl and I think when it’s time to date, he’ll come to me. I don’t think I’ll be the one chasing him.”

Schwing takes a selfie.Schwing says he is in no rush to find a romantic partner.Jam Press/@hope_schwing

Of course, not all influencers’ claims about being “too pretty” are made in jest.

In November, a young TikToker was ripped online after seriously declaring herself “too cute” to bother with a job.

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