Introducing 🇳🇱The Netherlands [The Atlantic Community Series – NATO Documentaries, 1955] in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

Presentation of the history and contribution of the Netherlands to Western defense and the Atlantic Community.

“Introducing The Netherlands” is part of a series originally designed as “Know your Allies”, and finally titled “the Atlantic Community Series”.
Its objectives were to familiarize public opinion in each of the member country with the other Alliance members and to emphasize the national contributions to Western culture and political traditions, economic reconstruction and allied defense in the framework of NATO.

The series was produced between 1954 and 1956 and financed by the US government in the context of the Marshall Plan with the cooperation of the Information Service of NATO, and distributed by NATO. The films in the Atlantic Community Series received large non-theatrical distribution and, in some cases, were shown in cinemas and on TV. Language versions were made and distributed with the help of the national governments.

“My country and NATO” tells the story of each one of NATO’s members, using a selection of unique archival materials to take you back in time.
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Production: Ytzen Brusse production
director: Ytzen Brusse
script: K. Chester Sherburne
camera: Albert Brosens
camera: Prosper Dekeukeleire
music: Else van Epen de Groot
narrator: Robert Beatty
production assistant : Jack Apon
sound: Wim Huender

Made at Cinetone Studios Amsterdam