Is it ever a good idea to criticize your partner in a relationship? – Glam

When your partner is acting in a way that hurts you or your relationship, you may want to call them out. But the way you express yourself is important. Couples therapist and “Marriage Therapy Radio” podcast host Zach Brittle defined criticism a HuffPost, saying, “Criticism is when a complaint is expressed as a character flaw.” Criticism indicates what you think is wrong with who your partner fundamentally is as a person.

Over time, criticism can destroy trust and intimacy. It can also trigger other relationship issues, such as communication problems and unhealthy power dynamics. Regularly criticizing your partner may even signal that your relationship is headed for a breakup, according to research from Gottman Institute. As such, this type of communication has the potential to be truly harmful and should be avoided.

And if you’re looking to create positive change in your relationship, criticism is rarely effective, though Psychology today. People who are criticized often respond with resistance rather than cooperation, driving a deeper wedge between partners.

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