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The more we learn about romantic relationships, the more obvious it becomes that there is a lot of bad advice out there. On top of that, many of us tend to get caught up in the wrong kind of dating, which can lead us to make all kinds of weird decisions. So, with that in mind, today I’d like to chat about dealbreakers and how effective we are at selecting them.

Now, of course, your dating life is your own, and you can veto whoever you want. But according to dating experts, there are some deals that are worth going out for, and others that probably aren’t as important as we tend to think.

Deal Breaker Dating: Why It’s Worth Leaving?


In a recent interview with Chivarri, Dr. Emily Jamea, marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist, shared her thoughts on a number of popular businesses. Here, he explained that a bunch of examples can change depending on the context, but that, generally speaking, there are reasons for these common deal breakers.

For example, listing rudeness with the hospitality staff as a deal breaker makes a lot of sense to Dr. Jamea.

“It gives us information about their ability to be patient, kind, generous, good-natured, respectful and generous – all traits most people want in a potential life partner.

“I advise anyone in the dating world to come forward if they see a date being rude to someone in the service industry,” she said.

An too negative perspective is another dealbreaker that Dr. Jamea considers reasonable. However, occasional negativity shouldn’t be seen as a red flag, he explained.

“I like the classification here of ‘excess’ because it’s important to maintain a sense of balance,” she told Bustle.

In the same way, he highlighted it bad hygiene (to the extent that it may suggest low self-esteem) and mistreat animals (note that this is different from not liking animals) they are also a fair deal breaker because of what they can tell you about the person you are dating.

Noting that your date they only talk about themselves is another key factor noted by Dr. Jamea because it can suggest “narcissistic tendencies” and can also hint at problems seeing other perspectives.

At the root, though, dating coach Logan Ury believes there’s a way to tell if something is a deal breaker for you.

In his book How not to die aloneUry wrote that “dealbreakers are fundamental incompatibilities that doom a potential relationship,” not just a simple annoyance.

She cautions that many of us confuse dealbreakers with pet peeves (“a minor thing that an individual finds particularly annoying, perhaps more so than other people”) and permissible farts (“a preference that feels like a dealbreaker, but is really just it’s a pet”. angry”).

As an example, he pointed to things like height preferences, not a deal breaker. On the other hand, he shared it conflicting opinions on whether you want children in the future it’s a dealbreaker, yes.

Now, naturally, this list will look different depending on your values, so it’s worth sitting down and thinking about the things you can’t have in a romantic relationship. These are your dealbreakers. Anything else? You can probably find an alternative solution, for the right person.

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